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Lion Cub Dream, 7.12.19 am
Finally, the dream drought might be over. Remembered a dream from last night.

In the dream, I'm sitting in a chair that has wheels at the end of the legs of the chair. Use my feet to propel the chair forward. I'm on a sidewalk in a residential neighborhood looking for a house where I'm supposed to meet some people. First thought was, "hope I remember how to get there". I roll myself along the sidewalk for a couple of blocks. Then I see a lion cub on the sidewalk in front of me. When I get closer, the cub is being very playful and jumping around like he is happy to see me. He then jumps in my lap and is rubbing all over me like a kitten. He is a very happy Lion cub. I'm in awe because I've never held a lion cub. Then mama lion walks into the scene, takes the cub in her mouth and they both fade away. End of Dream.

Afterthoughts: I googled dreaming of a lion cub. It means I will soon meet a new friend. Big Grin
Oh I hope it is a new friend. That would be nice.

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