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Prediction Stadium Collapse
This dream is disturbing and frightening.  I see a stadium with lots of people seated 'inside.'  I first see the 'underneath' area, kind of dark.  Enter here to get in to get access.  The stands are full, a big crowd.  It appears to be a sunny day.  This stadium does not seem to have a roof/ ceiling like a covered coliseum, or arena. Now I see the area start to shake very hard.  See the horizon.  The structure is starting to collapse into itself.  See people start to panic.  The announcer comes over the speakers and asks everyone to stay calm.  People start to move. I see a narrow path or clearing between people.  Then somehow I am outside or away from the building.  I feel that friends and family are trapped inside and I try to figure out how to help them.  There is a residential neighborhood near this stadium and this is where I am standing outside.  Then the trees, tall pine trees, start to move as if they are also being pulled downward. In my mind I am trying to figure this all out.  Is this an earthquake?  It feels more like a giant sink hole with the ground collapsing pulling things in.  Could it be a bomb that went off underneath the stadium?  I do not remember the sounds for this.  Old worn out or shoddy construction with the heavy building collapsing onto itself?  I do remember that it seemed to have a slight circular motion; like falling into a big hole. It seemed like the end of the world.// The pine trees made me think this could be the southern USA, maybe North or South Carolina or Virginia, maybe Richmond.   This did make me think of my earlier dreams about an earthquake in the Charleston, SC area. 
I had a dream to do with stadium collapse during hurricane Barry but it seemed to be in either Louisiana or Florida.
Football season is starting soon
Was it more like a baseball or football stadium?
Hard to say what type of stadium.  I suppose it was more like a football stadium, maybe a college arena.  I do not know why people were in attendance.  It could be a sporting event or entertainment venue or a speaker like a candidate.  (Note: I did learn on line that there is a Pine Tree High School Football Stadium in Longview Texas, home of the Pirates.  Referring to tree in the dream.)
There is a college stadium University of Pennsylvania's Franklin Field, which is bound by Spruce street to the north and Pine street to the south.
There was a time the Eagles used to play there. It is an old stadium.
Thanks tb9 for your interest and comments.  Interestingly here, one of the friends in the stadium that I am worried about is a Mrs. Franklin and she has family ties to Pennsylvania.
Lets pray it doesn't happen. If it does, I pray no loss of life and 0 to minimal injuries.
A follow up.  Today while looking at Yahoo sports I saw a photo of the Bryant-Denny Stadium located at the University of Alabama.  This particular photo looked very much like the stadium in my earlier dream.  The news article was about the upcoming football game between LSU and Alabama set for this Saturday Nov. 9th there in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  President Donald Trump is planning to attend this game.  The article was about extra security; fans arriving early and other strategic plans.  These things may not be connected but the photo did bring back to my mind all of the details of this earlier posted dream.  Alabama is certainly in the southern US. It is hard to imagine a stadium collapsing but I suppose a bomb even a small one could weaken the foundations.  Also the friend that I mentioned seeing at the stadium ----her birthday is this weekend as well.  I have had dreams in the past where birthdays were showing me dates of events. 
Hopefully no harm and no damage. Thanks for reading this follow-up.
I was going to suggest the UA stadium. That's what came to mind when I read your dream.
Maybe we'll get lucky and sinkhole will open and cause a collapse during the middle of the Super Bowl and show those brat ball players they aren't so important, anyway. This crap with Kobe Bryant makes me sick. He most likely got away with a rape so why should it be a day of national mourning when these ball players do the crap they do and never get punished for it or expect to get away it. You wonder too if Robert Kraft could ever be a man and own up to what he did in Florida instead of thinking he deserves to get away it because he is the rich one percent.
Russian stadium collapses

While I don't think this is the stadium in your dream, I thought it was interesting.
This is a follow up to original post.  On January 31st, 2019 the St. Petersburg Sports Complex in Russia collapsed. Built in 1980, this large arena was in the early process of being dismantled so that an even larger stadium could be built. With workers present the roof collapsed pulling down 80 percent of the walls.  At least one man died with the fear that others could be buried in the debris.  I have not seen any follow up news stories. A drone was hovering over the stadium when this all happened resulting in a very scary video.  It can be found on You tube and other sites.  I was watching the ABC news the night this was reported and the headline was "Stadium Collapse" which made by heart jump a bit when I read it. Though this is most likely not the dream I recorded earlier it is most interesting.  (thanks again to ThePaladin for comment),  After all how many large stadiums collapse killing people?
Nice connections!
A follow up to my original.    On Wednesday March 11th  fans packed the Cheasapeake Energy Center waiting for the game between the Utah Jazz and Oklahoma City Thunder to begin.  Instead they heard the game announcer speak out and state that the game had been postponed. A few fans got loud and started screaming.  The announcer said that, "You are all safe. Take your time leaving.  Leave tonight in an orderly fashion.  We are all safe.  We are all safe." Soon the arena was emptied. This occurred because 2 of the players had tested positive for the COVID-19 corona virus. When I heard this announcement I could not help but hear the announcer and his voice from my dream asking everyone to leave in an orderly fashion.  I realize that this is not a stadium actually collapsing into itself (which was the feel of my dream.) But perhaps there is a type of 'collapse' within the area of large scale sporting events with so many professional and college and high school groups postponing and cancelling events in America and all over the world. (No March Madness this year!!!  NCAA cancels men's and women's basketball tournament; NBA suspends the season.)  Who would have imagined this happening?  Perhaps only in night dreams and visions. The emptying of so many stadiums. I do remember in my dream the dizzying effect; the swirling downward and the fear.  I wonder if this could be associated with all of the feelings connected to this virus: the uncertainty, the fear and panic and the worry about loved ones.  
One side note, it seems that a lot of people were not taking this virus outbreak very seriously.  But because professional ball teams began cancelling major events, these same people are now changing their position on the dangers.
Another side bar that you may find interesting.  In my dream I felt the arena might be in Virginia.  When I hear the word 'Cheasapeake' I always associate that with the Cheasapeake area of Virginia because of family and friends who live or have lived there.
Thank you Ridley!

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