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Prediction Extreme Weather
Hello All,

Last nights dream: I was watching a storm while standing on the beach... 12 tornadoes formed over the sea, sucking up vast amounts of seawater ready to drop onto the shore, more were forming as I left the terribly scary scene. Biblical to say the least.
Hi All,

It is becoming a series as I continue to get more dreams about Tornados... developing here in my street in the UK. This now has the hallmarks of a major event!
Do you believe it is about real tornadoes? That would be interesting.
Could it be about Brexit and financial issues associated with Brexit?
I would say the first one is about real Tornadoes as that took place somewhere else, the second could be Brexit but most of my Brexit Precogs are usually factual and not metaphoric due to the time I spent on studying facts and figures of the past 46 years of UK membership and the ramifications of leaving, e.g 14 years of restructuring and job uncertainty, 70-80 years of national debt. Precog Dreams of that period are of Riots, Hungry People and stores with boarded-up windows after they were raided through hunger riots.
The second dream may have been a reiteration of the first to emphasize the importance of the first, I would take them literally... Better to be safe than sorry.
Okay DreamOracle, here we go again. A few nights before the "futuristic apartment building" dream, had one about a tornado. In the dream, standing in my living room. I hear/feel tornado coming toward my house. There is one other person in the living room. I yell, run into the hallway. Once in the hallway I stretch my arms out sideways creating an energy barrier around the hallway. Tornado can't get thru the barrier and goes around it. Put my arms down with a sigh of relief. End of dream.
Well you just had a basic tornado stay over the Bahamas for a few days 185mph sustained when it hit. We haven't even seen all that many pictures of all the Bahamas yet but the ones coming out are really bad. Some places show total destruction hardly any buildings left standing or like freeport almost everything is under water. Those two northern islands seemed almost totally lost. The earthquakes and volcanoes haven't really ever been delivered but the hurricanes and associated floods sure have been biblically bad for several years.
Update: this woman is related to one of my family members. We were all raised in same town. When I read and listened to her story, I immediately had a rush of emotion and remembered this tornado dream.
Super Typhoon Rolly(Goni) has made landfall in Phillippines with sustained winds at 195 mph which is a record for wind speed for a super typhoon. Of course, we have had a record setting hurricane season in the US this year also and it's not over with yet.
Hurricane Eta getting ready for landfall in Honduras almost a category 5 at 150 mph. I actually found some pics of where Goni Typhoon made landfall at 195mph on you tube which was a channel hany cute and it's looks almost like the Tunguska event with the trees in some places.

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