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Woe unto Thee, Children of Earth!
I dreamed this last I woke I struggle to the dream fades...

Being left with the imprint of the dream...

I find myself traveling through the mists of time...

There is wind and the feeling of, rushing...acceleration...

The Ancient Ones, speak to us, I am not alone...

There is much concern for this planet, Earth

We are witnessing Her destruction...

It maybe to late...hope is nearly gone...

Children of the Earth, you have removed or destroyed that which you have no understanding, 

In so doing, you have almost certainly brought destruction upon all sentinent beings whom walk alongside of you...

There will be no safe place for you from the coming cataclysym, nay, for any

 The ancient megalithic structures and inner mysteries thereof, were never tombs...oh foolish ones,

Driven by your own darkness, you have now reaped what you sow...

Listen, carefully, 

All is energy...positive...negative...

You think its happen chance the Ancient Megalithic structures are placed with exact precision upon the ley-lines?

The destruction of these, drops the shield...woe unto thee!

Think...reverse polarity!
Wow Maysea! Reading the dream gave me strong Spirit chills through my whole being. Thank you so much for posting. How did you feel on a Spiritual level during and after the dream?
Greetings Cassandra,
It had and continues, a sense of urgency!
Where are the Dreamers?
Love this dream!

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