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Ask and it will be given
I had a dream that I was standing outside of my grandparents' house and there seemed to be a number of people conversing there. I found some interesting rocks: one looked like a transparent sandstone, and another like Jade. I decided I would walk westward to look for more, and a freak storm with loud, close lightning moved in and I bolted inside. I walked out a minute later, deciding that I really didn't care what happened to me, so I decided to go east, where the road wasn't paved as well. The only people other than me outside were my sister's FTM transgender friend, Griffin(?), and my grandfather. Griffin seemed to be in utter ecstasy feeling the rain, and when I tried to ask 'him' what happened, 'he' did not answer. My grandfather was preoccupied with some weird ballgame he was playing with the fence near the two big white pines, so I couldn't get a straight answer about the storm, either. I also noticed a Genesee County Sheriff parked in the driveway.

As I was walking down the road, I heard the song Praying by Kesha.( ) I was worried that, somehow, I had incurred God's wrath. However, despite the storm, I saw a number of beautiful rock specimens all laid out in an orderly fashion where I could browse them. If I recall correctly, I only took a couple that I found particularly impressive, and left the rest. One thing I decided to take was a pair of gloves that were somehow made of obsidian thread. Though there were multiple, I only took one pair.
Then, I heard what I thought was a tornado siren and forced myself awake, only to find that it was the hum of my ceiling fan.
Enjoyed reading your dream.

Last week I also had a dream about a tornado. There was a family member in the house with me. I said, get into the hallway fast. We ran into the hallway. Then held out my arms, sideways and created a barrier/bubble in the hallway. The tornado couldn't pass through the barrier and went around the hallway. When it passed, I thought, whew that was close.

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