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Prediction Cinema Shooting
Hello All

I have two to post today, the first now and the second later when I have the small note I made last night at hand.

1. A full cinema, everyone shouting and screaming then gunfire... then a word after that Democrats.

2. O'Dare Paid Assassin.

My main dream was regarding the future...people lived in complexes that were also where they worked. An all in one living/ working complex as to why I got this one was a mystery the example given was a shopping centre/Mall. Shops etc on the lower floors apartments on the upper floors... Solar/wind and believe it or not powered by human waste, small gardens on the roof. A self-sustaining complex was quite nifty.
8/29/19 between 2:00 am - 5:45 am. Dreamed of being in a complex similar to what you dreamed. Wasn't sure I'd post it and then saw yours.  

Top floors are apartments. I get in a elevator, not sure where I'm going. The elevator goes down to the first floor. I get out and suddenly think, oh no I'm not supposed to be here. Everything looks like a scene in a futuristic science fiction movie. Everything is bright shinny. I walk away from the elevators to the right and see a large open room. My first thought was, virtual reality game room. Again I think, oh no, don't think I'm supposed to be here. I look straight ahead and see what looks like a very wide hallway with store fronts like a mall.  There are people walking about and they don't see me.  Now, I'm getting nervous so I walk back to the elevator and press the button so I can go back up to the apartment area. At this point I wake up.

Afterthoughts: Woke from the dream feeling like I was wide awake. Noticed a thin white film on my left hand that flaked off easily.

Shared dream, I was stood outside purveying the building as it was explained to me how this should be a way to solve future problems, so yes very futuristic. If you think about it it makes complete sense, you wouldn't need a car to get to work and if every industry on the planet did it imagine how much co2 emissions you'd cut...

As to the first two prediction parts of it may have been answered; 1. My wife was reading a book as I slept, part of the story was inside a movie theatre and a shooting but the Democrats not being in the book.
2. O'Dare Paid Assassin is also part of a Seraphim Series of books my wife owns but has not yet read.
It seems to use a metaphor to explain it. As I was probing the ether for future events as I slipped into sleep, now for the metaphor... I was looking at the moon through a telescope but sometimes the odd satellite enters the view. A jumbled message through a filter of noisy thoughts or was it intentional? We shall see.

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