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Trump/secrets in chairs/ murder
This dream occurred on July 23, 2019 and unusual for me, it occurred again the next night on July 24th.  I started to post it at that time but did not.  Mainly because the dream involved President Trump and he seems to always be up to something. But with all that is occurring currently concerning a possible impeachment inquiry, I decided I would post. The dream(s) follow.  I see President Donald Trump arrive by government helicopter.  He has come to attend an important conference meeting, most likely a dinner meeting.  The meeting location may be a restaurant.  There are a good number of attendees.  See several very long cloth covered tables.  During this event, Trump has hidden something important inside the covered chair bottom of a nearby chair. I see a piece of the material hanging loose down the back of the seat.  (The fabric may be green.)  I do not know what this hidden item is.  It is important and could get him in a lot of trouble.  ( connected to money?)  Trump finds a reason to stay or to return after everyone else has left.  By now the room has been moved around and he cannot find the chair where he has deposited the secret item. In the first dream a Democratic woman tries to help him find it.  This is strange because she does not care for him. (I do not see her in my second dream of this.)  Now I am helping him continue to look for the correct chair.  As I help him, he finds a way to insult me twice though I am there to help.   Also helping is a lady named 'Nancy.'  Nancy is thin.  She wears a top, a blouse and 'diaper pants' small white puffy pants, skinny legs show. In the first dream he doesn't seem to find it.  In the second I think he does find "it."  Afterward he talks with Nancy and I.  Now we all leave.  See Trump back on his helicopter.  Nancy and I are walking down a sidewalk, possibly residential.  When suddenly a man attacks to kill us.  Nancy is the first to get away. Then the man who was the man returns to kill us. Because we have something on him and he has something on us.
Notes:  Is Nancy, Nancy Pelosi?  What is so important hidden in that chair?  Would the government or the president go as far as to hire a hit man to take some folks out?
The green material being money makes sense. Nancy would seem to be Pelosi. Chair- perhaps the chair of the finance committee or similar committee? Trump hides something but this committee chair finds out the information?

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