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10/16/19 A Cult Anticipates Demons
Note: This run feels very ominous. Perhaps an alien encounter or invasion? Also, "Physical Complete Waiting" and "Hanging Via Edge" sounds like we're at the precipice of disaster. 

Trending in the Collective Dreams (See chart below for visual representation):  cult imaginary drop demons anticipation needs vehicle dream costume forget parking sad series died moved shred physical complete waiting typically practice hanging via edge giving mall south becoming feed active

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Or what about this....I'ts Halloween coming up?
drop demons anticipation physical complete waiting practice hanging via edge

Well. Seems there's a head's up in this run.

sad series died moved shred physical complete This, however, is the part that jumped out at me. Put in conjunction with the other aspects mentioned above, we could be facing some tough and rough times that come in a series and will leave us feeling physically shredded.

While it could be referencing Halloween, I don't think so especially when considering the first words of the run: cult imaginary

Some days I'm just a ray of sunshine.

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