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Large Incoming Asteroid, NOT a near miss!
This was a short dream last night.

I'm in deep space watching a object, most probably a asteroid.
It looks like a rock, a very large oblong shape...
I hear these words, "This is NOT a near miss, I repeat, this is NOT a near miss!

For clarification purposes...

The object was elongated in shape...massive
The voice...much like if a real emergency was happening and someone was saying, this is NOT a drill, I repeat, this is NOT a drill
The voice was male, masculine...
Also heard wailing sirens like from world war two...or perhaps used on military bases today
I just went and googled astroids 2019. Its been a busy week in the news for perhaps my dream is nothing more than a ripple in the global consciousness...
Thanks Maysea. Please keep us posted if you dream anymore in the subject.

Also, the words "Cretaceous Period" came to me while reading your dream.
World Wide Predictions today mentioned a prediction about a satellite exploding and the an emergency alarm going off.
This might be related.
Tonight as we returned home I saw a fireball in the sky. It was very bright. Dropped straight down before burning out. It's been a long time since I've seen one of those in this area.
It was in the news today at what people thought was a plane crash in Oregon but it turns out it was a meteor so it must have been a good sized one. I had a dream last week a sizable meteor struck outside the hills of LA and started a fire.
My intention, dream clarification on this one,

I keep recieving the following...

So in reality, years ago I seen some footage,
Location, a beach somewhere
What, its a beached whale? Dead
Problem, removing said dead whale
Solution, explosives 
Bystanders, quite a crowd
So, they thought blowing up the whale was the solution 
They, blow up the whale
Moments of terror!
As giant globs of flesh and bone exploded upward and suddenly meat and blood raining down on everyone!
People screaming in terror...I don't recall if folks were injured or worse...

So, my intentional dreaming on the large incoming astroid,
Results...I keep dreaming about the whale on the beach, being blown up, and the horror that follows, several times now I've dreamt of the whale scene as a result of isolating my astroid dream...

So, I have come to the following conclusion 
If there were a large asteroid on course to Earth, keep in mind we're talking large enough to cause ELE...if we were to blow it up, according to my dream, the result potentially, could be catastrophic!
Instead of one large asteroid, then we'd have multiple smaller asteroids. Yeah, that would be an improvement...NOT. Rolleyes
I've actually had dreams of fireballs raining down on Earth...
In these dreams, people including myself are blindly running in terror
Trying to not get hit by the fireballs, they imploded on impact,
It was like a storm...with no place to hide, no safety anywhere

I would like to believe we have multiple options if a Near Earth Object or
objects threatened Earth...besides blowing it up...if not than perhaps we
should have.
Perhaps the asteroid hits Wales, Uk. Or the ocean.
I dreamt another astroid dream which was terrifying. I wonder if this dream and my newest are weird about the military sirens sounding off in this dream as it seemed a worldwide we have the Covid-19 virus with the world pretty much in lockdown-shelter in place...military around the world activating for the virus
They believed there was an asteroid hit in Africa a few days ago which destroyed about a hundred buildings. It was on strange sounds. There is also Comet Atlas going through the solar system right now and it may become as bright as the crescent if it stays together and should be naked eye visible in early May.
Earth is about to enter the debris field of comet atlas, which will be at its closest point to earth in just a few weeks and visible the the naked eye even sooner.
Thank you Still.
I read a thing on a site yesterday where it says Comet Atlas projected path has changed course now according Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Maybe it was hit with something used by the secret space program? The last comet that was supposed to get that bright broke apart just as it was getting visible to the naked eye.

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