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12/22/19 Hurry to the New Village
WANTED: Anyone who has information as to why ORC and SLAVE continue to be side by side together in these bot runs, please state your guess/opinion below in a comment. This has my head scratching because not only has ORC been in so many bot runs lately, the word SLAVE seems to always show up right after the word ORC. This is highly unusual. It's not unusual to have two words in several bot runs in a row, but it's almost never seen where the two words always show up together in the same order in several bot runs in a row. 

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I was talking about this with a friend and she suggested that perhaps it's not a word but an acronym of some sort. The first thing that popped into her head was Russia® and China©. We batted around a few options for "O" and "Ottoman Empire" came to mind. Given how the current Turkish government is intently dismantling everything that Ataturk put into place, seemingly desiring a return to the old empire, it's a possibility.

Something else occurred to me as we were talking about this: Russia and China are busily working in the Middle East. IF Turkey was to join in on their maneuverings, things could get very ugly in the ME. Turkey has a powerful military and they sorta-kinda keep things under control over there. There's also the aspect of the oil, which the US seems to believe is "ours" but in all honesty I doubt our military could stop any of those three countries if they allied together(Not unless we made it clear we were prepared to slag the ME into non-existence if they didn't back off).

Granted, this is all speculation. However, it would explain the whole "slave" aspect as well. If those three countries manage to take charge of the ME somehow, things will not go well for the citizens of the ME. Not well at all.
Interesting perspective, DLP. If your comments are correct, the SLAVES would probably be the West, right?

I took the liberty of looking at other acronyms based on your excellent observations. I see a couple of possible phrases that might work with the word SLAVE. Here's the list I found for ORC:

ORC Ohio Revised Code
ORC Online Resource Centre
ORC Oregon City (Amtrak station code; Oregon City, OR)
ORC Optoelectronics Research Centre (various schools)
ORC Opinion Research Corporation
ORC Organic Rankine Cycle
ORC Ontario Racing Commission (Government of Ontario, Canada)
ORC Optimized Row Columnar (file format)
ORC Origin Recognition Complex
ORC Organized Retail Crime
ORC Oracle Resources
ORC Organic Research Centre (UK)
ORC Otago Regional Council (New Zealand)
ORC Ontario Realty Corporation
ORC Operator in Responsible Charge (water treatment)
ORC Outdoor Recreation Center
ORC Offshore Racing Council (sailboat racing)
ORC Operations Research Center (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
ORC Opinion Research Company (various locations)
ORC Oregon Racing Commission (Portland, OR)
ORC Office of Regional Counsel
ORC Origin Receiving Charge
ORC Officers' Reserve Corps
ORC Overriding Commission (India)
ORC Orange River Colony (South Africa)
ORC Osteoporosis Research Center (Creighton University; Omaha, NE)
ORC Operador de Red Comercial (Spanish: Commercial Network Operator; Guatemala)
ORC Ombudsman Resource Center
ORC Operations Requiring Consent (UK)
ORC Office of Regulatory Compliance
ORC Online Rights Canada (grassroots organization)
ORC Order of Railroad Conductors (early railroad union)
ORC Orlando Road Club
ORC Office of Radiation Control (Delaware)
ORC Olin Responsible Care (Olin Corporation)
ORC Overseas Resource Center
ORC Outdoor Rental Center (various schools)
ORC Orthogonality Restoring Combining
ORC Office of the Regional Commissioner
ORC Open Robot Controller
ORC Office of Research Coordination
ORC Omladinski Resursni Centar (Serbian: Youth Resource Center; Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
ORC Object/Component/Service-Oriented Real-Time Distributed Computing
ORC Order of Canons Regular of the Holy Cross (religious order)
ORC Organic Chemistry: Mechanism and Syntheses
ORC Organization Responsibility Center
ORC Ordnance Rocket Center
ORC Organizational Resource Counselor
ORC Ontario Regional Centre (London, Ontario, Canada)
ORC Organisation Révolutionnaire Cubaine (French)
ORC Operational Readiness Condition
ORC Operating Review Committee
ORC Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Centre (Da Nang, Vietnam)
ORC Operation Ready Center
ORC Operational Requirements Committee (various organizations)
ORC Oxygen Release Compound(s) (e.g., magnesium peroxide, hydrogen peroxide)
Order of the Rosy Cross?
Well, it would most likely start in the ME but it would spread. If the ME oil producers decided to go with Russia, China, and Turkey, that would mean cutting the US out of the oil loop. Yes, the US is drilling plenty of oil but most of it is sold to other countries, which is how the oil companies keep their profits rising. They wouldn't be willing to give up the profits for the good of the country, I suspect, and this country is absolutely dependent on oil. It isn't just as fuel, it runs across myriad industries, like all the plastics we use. IAH, if something were to disrupt the flow of oil to this country, it wouldn't be long before it collapsed financially. If/when that were to happen, yep, we would definitely be in servitude.

In fact, an argument could be made that we're already in servitude, considering how reliant we are on the oil-based economy. We just don't want to admit it and industry doesn't want it to change because that would affect their bottom line and heaven knows we can't havethat happen. Rolleyes
Great thoughts to the both of you
The etymology of the word orc is “orc (n.)
"ogre, devouring monster," 1590s, perhaps a reborrowing of the same word that became Old English orcþyrs, orcneas (plural), which is perhaps from a Romanic source akin to ogre”. Could it be a metaphor for the Coronavirus “devouring” Asia now? And perhaps the slaves are the millions of people in forced quarantine under medical martial law.

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