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Shared visions/dreams
22 Dec 2019

I'm in a wooded area next to a river. There's a dirt road that runs parallel to the river, as if atop a levee or some such. There are two men wearing Army CDUs. One is a colonel, the other a general. Somehow I know this despite the fact they weren't wearing any rank insignia(Or any identifiers at all, for that matter). We seem to be working together in some fashion. On the move, the three of us in an old military Jeep, bouncing along the dirt road as fast as the Jeep can go. The colonel is driving, the general's riding shotgun, and I'm holding on for dear life in the back of the Jeep. I have a sense that we're on the run or trying to avoid being found for some reason.

The colonel pulls the Jeep into a stand of trees. We all get out of the Jeep and check out the area. It seems like we'll be safe here for a bit but we can't stay long. Keeping on the move is the safest plan at this point. The other two check their weapons-I see that they're armed with sidearms-and carry on a discussion so quietly I can't hear what they're saying. While they do that, I wander around, taking in the sights. The terrain reminds me of the TX hill country. I hear the birds singing and the sounds of water flowing. It would be a nice place for a picnic, if we had the time. The general approaches me. Tells me that he and the colonel will protect me at all costs. I smile and thank him, but add that I'm no slouch when it comes to being able to protect myself. He smiles back and says he knows but I need to remember that sometimes sheer muscle is needed. I agree, knowing that he and the colonel can provide serious muscle, indeed.

Jump to I'm sitting on the ground. The colonel is lying on his back on the ground. I have my hands cupped around his head, fingers pressed against pressure points. I'm reading his energy, seeing what he's seeing in his dreams and visions. I see images of an empty street in a city, large buildings lined on either side of the street. The street is full of sheets of paper and abandoned vehicles. Some look burned out. Windows in the buildings are broken. Then I see military vehicles and troops in the street. They're armed, in full battle rattle. They're rounding up people, putting them in the backs of military trucks. People are crying. Yelling. Screaming.

I look up at the general and tell him I'm seeing the same thing I've seen in my own dreams. He nods and tells me it's the same as what he's been seeing in his dreams, too. The colonel asks what are the odds that the three of us would be seeing the same thing. I shrug and say I don't know. He asks what I think it means. I say, I think it means we may be seeing a future timeline. Is it irrevocable? he asks. I shrug again and tell him I don't know but based on the fact all three of us have seen the same thing, it's likely. But don't quote me on that, I tell him.

We hear a noise off in the distance. A vehicle of some sort. Time to go. I climb back into the back of the Jeep. The general comes up to me. He tells me if push comes to shove, do what I have to do and they will cover my back as best they can. I give him a quick smile and tell him, We're in this together now and I'll have their backs like they have mine. He grins at me and tells me I need to let them have the illusion that they're protecting me.

Then we're tearing along the road but this time I'm riding shotgun and the general is in the back, manning a very large machine gun and decked out in full armor. The colonel is also in full armor. I'm the only one in street clothes. I feel woefully underdressed for whatever's coming at us.

I'm still processing this dream so I have no comments to add at this point.
Last week I suddenly remembered a dream I had awhile back. The dream was about living in a mall after a "event" happened. When I was remembering the dream, I thought "hum wonder which mall it will be".

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