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Aquarium failure
I am inside of a large Aquarium facility, observing sea life through the large glass walls.  I see people, families walking around enjoying all of the sights.  This is a large building/ facility .  Then I begin to see water begin to seep out from around the edges of the glass panes.  Then I see JLD walking up to a podium to speak to the people.  Now I am moving about telling people to leave, to get out of the building. I see glass doors leading to the outside.  I run down hallways that lead to work areas.  Now other people are also helping to direct people to exit the building.  (I do not see the glass walls/container break away.)  But later I see (and this seems connected) I see aftermath,  floating in shallow water, 'white figures' that appear similar, in the water.  
2020 owner pushed god travel aquarium changed swimming shared knew available detailed time shred week finally did doctor round blur cowboy faced memorable orc slave theory confused categories global inc

This dream, in conjunction with today's bot run, with all the references to aquarium, changed, swimming.
Yeah, that definitely matches the bot run.
Yes it does match. I noticed shred in the run too. Shred can be a natural disaster, often an earthquake. I wonder if this is about a tsunami?

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