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Prediction Two Dreams, One Puzzling, One Disturbing.
Hello everyone

Fresh off the bat 2020 as follows.

1. The person I was ghosting was in a plane crash into the ocean, he was one of two survivors... they had crashed near a small chain of Island, they swam to the closest, a small ring island which was covered in trees and rocks but also black jagged like claws they were once trees. A small group of rescuers from the mainland arrived to take them to safety. Now here's the puzzle the phrase coined was, "Off the Coast of New Mexico"???? New Mexico is currently landlocked.

2. Trump was being hurried into a bunker type structure but there were citizens at the gates of the complex crying with desperation to also be allowed in so they could also be safe not even the children... he didn't even look around, no guilt, just straight in, head down like a coward in shame. They were being left to die.

Quite a negative start to this decade but from my past predictions, it seems to be par the unfortunate course we are taking. It seems the point the masses wake up will be the point of no return. Age of Aquarius??? more like the Age Of Complacency.
Wonderful way to start off the year (jk!). In seriousness...thanks for the update!
Yeah, they Trump is the savoir but in the end doesn't control much of anything and in the end he'll take off just like the rest of them will do(underground and off world). I remember one dream I had about when things are done with revelations and all on earth and the one's who survive underground and off world come they will be treated very, very cold blooded and not welcome back.
Santa Fe is the capital of New Mexico, but there is a Santa Fe in Mexico City also. Maybe this could occur off the coast of Mexico City?
Reply button seems to not work at present so here's my reply to twiceblessed9...

It was definitely "New Mexico" Our rescuers being a group of young people who came from there.

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