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1/20/20 Expected to be Pleasant
Trending in the Collective Dreams (See chart below for visual representation):  expected pleasant upper break crash smelled sometimes code case car breath centre depot grill passenger pumping tan waiting seat smell area minutes ajax drive elevator close watching driveway country appearance

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How to read DreamBot runs:
More driving words: Crash car passenger drive driveway.

But this caught my attention and could go with the driving words: break crash smelled sometimes code case breath centre depot pumping smell

Put that run with the car words and this seems to suggest something big happening at an oil refinery/depot. An explosion or gas leak of some sort. Big enough to get the bot's attention, too.
I think we have a confirmation for the last few days of bot runs:

Explosion in Houston

While on the surface it may seem like I'm off-base but it feels right to me. We were looking at vehicles, and one of the first film images I saw was of the location and how several vehicles were nothing but the bare frame after the blast. It happened in an industrial area and damaged over 200 homes. The news stories I've seen all make reference to a previous blast from a year ago that happened at an oil refinery in the Houston area. Then there's this story:

Hazmat teams on site for leaking tank.

Like I said above, it feels right to me.

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