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the house is Falling down

I'm walking up to an old Victorian style house in an open field. Dilapidated.  Sad. There's an old pickup with a credenza in the bed.  It has a sign on it that is printed off a printer in black and white big block letters CREDENZA.  It has glass doors.
I walk into the house.  I'm here to work.  Its a beautiful house.  I imagine it in its glory days.  But I think its not even safe for us to be inside in its present condition.  
There's a woman giving instructions and a man who is there to work like myself.  She gives us instructions.  She tells us to pull off the cables that are stapled around the baseboards and to me she specifically she says don't forget to spray vinegar on the CADENZA sign.  OK.  I'm thinking ugh, CREDENZA.  I personally have a pet peeve about people saying words incorrectly.  So I ask her, you mean the CREDENZA in that pick up?  Yeah, she says, CADENZA.
I look and see the man has grabbed a cable and ripping it out of the baseboard.  I grab one and start pulling.  this is fun!  As I pull it all the staples slide along the cable.  Cool! I enjoy this, maybe I should do more work like this.  But I'm also thinking about not falling through the floors.  This could just collapse underfoot at any minute...irrational, I brush the thoughts away.
This is a huge upstairs room. Must've been a living room where they kept the TV and phone in the last of the time they lived here.  I talk to the woman as I'm pulling.  Why are we doing this work?  I'm picturing the rooms of the house with the ceilings caving in and water stains on the hardwood.  They should just tear it down.  Are they going to try and fix it up?  Probably have to tear it down to its studs.  Nothing else salvageable.  She says she doesn't know.  Its been sold we are just here to do the things they've instructed.  Not our concern.  She doesn't care and reminds me did you spray vinegar on the CADENZA sign.  Not yet I say and I think why is this so important?  
As I walk outside I'm having a mental conversation with myself about the difference in a CADENZA and a CREDENZA. As I walk thru the house I see all the falling plaster and the falling ceilings and the water stains.  I specifically notice some big clear globs of what looks like dried glue on the floors and wonder why the residents would have been so careless.  Why wouldn't people have taken care of such a beautiful house.  It had been glorious once.  Remnants of beautiful expensive wallpapers; the hardwood floors had cost a fortune, immaculate.  I walk to the pickup with a spray bottle in hand.  I spray the sign and the ink immediately begins to run.  I watch as CREDENZA melts away.  
When I wake up I'm wondering why vinegar?  Why, of all the work to do, is spraying vinegar on this CREDENZA sign soooo important?
The dream is most likely towards me and my things-that-don't-matter-in-the-grand-scheme-of-things, but I post because of the environment I was in.  The personal lesson could've been taught in any environment, so why here?  Why a collapsing old house?  
Things that we have known and loved and cherished and maybe even idolized?  Collapsing around us?  And no one cares? No one noticing?
Cadenza is a musical term. From Merriam-Webster dictionary:

Quote:1: a parenthetical flourish in an aria or other solo piece commonly just before a final or other important cadence
2: a technically brilliant sometimes improvised solo passage toward the close of a concerto
3: an exceptionally brilliant part of an artistic and especially a literary work

What color dress/clothing was the woman wearing? Her hair color? Was her hair up or down?

I ask because I recently had a dream that took place in a dilapidated Victorian house and there was also a woman there who seemed to be running things.
She wore blue. Working clothes. Possibly jeans. She had on a blue jacket, not denim, possibly chino. Mousy brown hair with grey, down, shoulder length bob, needed brushed, like it was windblown. She was like you would expect from a construction foreman/woman. She did have glasses.

Yes, the music, as a musician myself, I think that's part of why it bothered me so much.

Thank you.
Interesting. The woman in my dream had glasses, too. She wore her hair up so I don't know how long it was. The main thing that really stuck out about that particular dream is she seemed to be watching what was happening. Assessing the situation to see how I reacted to a possibly harmful situation. Did I react in fear or did I take action? And if I took action, what action did I take?
She was definitely assessing. Watching. Keeping track of every move. A micromanager is what i thought of her. She was analyzing.
In light of the crisis this dream is interesting. Especially as things seem to be falling down around us, and we didn’t take proper care of things. (Lack of enough ventilators etc).

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