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Prediction Cosmic or Geological Disaster
Hello All

Last nights dream was the worst I have ever experienced, as follows Sad

03 03 2020: I was watching the news Something bad was about to happen to Australia, an Impact or Large event that sent debris back into the atmosphere and further impacts around the globe even here in the UK on to my house and city(meteors) I saw large impacts destroy power stations and building. I continued to watch footage from Australia where a swarm of large dark looking insects flying away from these impacts... It was horrific.... Doomsday???

Was it Volcanic ejection or Meteoric? hard to say but the size of some of these objects was large and it affected Australia and all the way around to the UK so my money is on Cosmic. I had been watching something about Apophis... but that's not until 2029 but that is also the period of my major E.L.E dreams. I need to investigate further.
Thank you for posting and please keep us updated with any additional information. Any sense of a timeline?
Thinking about your DreamOracle and wanted to reach out to ask "how ya doing"?
(03-05-2020, 10:03 AM)Cassandra Wrote: Thinking about your DreamOracle and wanted to reach out to ask "how ya doing"?
 I'm doing ok thank you, what with this virus and all I have to be wary.
As to timeline, to be honest going on past dreams I have had, there are two time periods that are of note... 2024 Summer "Doomsday" and a geological event sometime in the late 20s and ending mid to late 30s, midpoint the theme of my dream 2033 being famine(cannibalism) and geological activity involving African Animals.

My dreams are like puzzles that piece together... e.g I once dreamed of a store with its shelves empty and people running for the goods right out of the box, they never even had a chance to put them on the shelves. At the time we were all focused on Brexit in the UK so I naturally took it as a Brexit Chaos issue, that also included the crash I predicted for the 1st day in March posted last August but it turned out to be something I didn't even think of, maybe the ruined hospitals was a clue??? who knows, interpretation can be a tricky one but on the bright side I have been stocking up now for 2 years I even replaced my heating for a multi-fuel stove that I can also cook on... regardless of the chaos I was and am prepared. I know the next 4 years are going to be an extreme trial followed by 5 years of calm??? reflection maybe??? a solemn pause??? I m not sure yet but after that time again becomes I would say biblical.

So to narrow down a timeline at this point geologically speaking 2033 but I can't negate 2024. Really hard to say for certain as yet.
Thank you DreamerOracle!
Thank you!
Lots of disaster type dreams popping up here and with other people I know recently.
(03-08-2020, 12:50 PM)Cassandra Wrote: Thank you DreamerOracle!

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