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Tidal Wave.
hi all.

a very simple dream.
around the first week of March 2020, I had a Voice Dream, where I saw only a gray background and there I heard a voice saying.


there is a catch to this dream though!     I have a long history of dreaming another person's images, as if I am that person.  in fact, for instance, I have had years of 
following just one man.  there was no way whatsoever to tell that this man was not me.
thus, in this dream, I am probably someone else.     thus if this dream is Real, there will be a tidal wave somewhere within 12 to 16 months.

strange also, someone that I write to, a "penpal" in England, she had the very same dream within a day or so but it was a relative who would die in a tidal wave.  southwest England!  no date given.

Any environmental clues to guess where this might be located (other than the reference to England)? Thanks for the dream, Freestone!
Thanks Freestones,

I know 2 people who have had total wave dreams this week. Might be about the wave of fear everyone is experiencing around the world with 19 happening.
Might be more.
I just noticed today on volcano discovery that there has been an earthquake swarm under the cumbre vieja volcano on the canary island of la palma this week. It is the exact one volcano it is believed that could easily produced the next Atlantic mega tsunami. There appeared a one mile crack in it during it's eruption in the late 1940's and it's over 9,000 feet tall and one of the steepest places on earth. There a couple of documentaries on it, too. On another note, Edgar Cayce on one reading said the eruption of Pelee volcano on the island of Martinque would be a sign that the Southern California coast would getting ready for earth changes to occur to it.

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