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Storm coming
This dream occurred on 23 Feb 2020. I got a vibe that I needed to post it here so I'm going to post it as I wrote it in my journal.

A storm is coming. Big, terrible storm. Can see it on the horizon, black clouds filling the bright blue sky. Need to get ready. Prepare to hunker down. Get supplies. So many people out shopping as usual and not seeming to care that the terrible storm is coming. Only a few getting ready. Need to fill up my water containers to ensure plenty of water. Live in a small house in a neighborhood. Just the cats and me. Have food and litter for them.

The news is talking about the storm coming. It's still bright and sunny outside but the black clouds are closer now. I work to prep my house to ride out the storm. Get all the loose items into storage. The wind is starting to pick up even though the sky is still sunny and blue. Suddenly my husband is there and he says, No, that's not the sun, it's a really bright full moon. I realize he's correct, it's an incredibly bright full moon that lights up the sky like a sunny day. Then my husband is gone again.

See some neighbors and greet them. They ask what I'm doing. Tell them I'm getting ready for the storm and point at the black sky that's even closer now. They don't seem to see the sky. I shrug and continue my tasks. There's a woman who tells me she's good, that it's all under control, and not to worry, God will take care of everything. Ok, I shrug.

Now the wind is really blowing and the black sky is almost on top of us. I go inside, make sure everything's battened down. Couldn't find the water jerry can but I have other containers I can use to compensate. The cats are hiding. They know the storm is coming even if the sky is still clear and blue. Glance at the sun, no the moon, I remind myself, and know we're running out of time before the storm comes. A knock on the door. IT's some neighbors who realize there's going to be a huge storm and don't know what to do. I tell them they're welcome to ride out the storm with me but they have to bring food and water because I don't have enough supplies for a large group. They head off to do that and return with all sorts of food and cases of water. Soon there's stuff and people crowded into my little house. No idea where they'll all sleep and if my plumbing can handle so many. There's another knock. It's the woman and she's afraid and wants to stay. I tell her no, there's no more room, I'll barely be able to handle the crowd. Ok, she says, and leaves.

My friend, S, calls. Says the storm is almost on top of my area, and will I need any help? Do I need her help? Not at the moment, I tell her. Right now everything is under control.

A brief bit about a guy showering before the storm hits, while there's still available water. Another guy, with a skull-like head and very prominent teeth(I really remembered those teeth), yelling about politics. I interrupt him and tell him there's 2 rules in this house: No raised voices and treat each other with respect. He protests, pretty much saying he has freedom of speech, etc. I tell him he needs to learn the 1st Amendment and this is MY house and MY rules, that if he didn't like the rules, he's free to leave any time he wanted. He harrumphs at me, gets up, tells his wife to get their stuff, they're leaving, that he's not staying in a place where he's not free to speak as he wants. He storms out of the house. Wife and a couple other people follow. I hold the door for them and wish them well in their search for protection.

Now the blackness is almost covering the sky, though I can still see the moon/sun. Wind is howling. 1st raindrops hit the windowpanes. I see the woman, standing in the rain, talking on her phone. She seems desperate. Looks up, sees me watching her. I jerk my thumb towards my house to indicate she's invited inside. She grabs her shopping bags of supplies and hustles to my door. Gets inside as the storm hits with full intensity. Can hear the howling outside but inside my house, it's safe. I'm ready to protect my home and everyone here to the best of my ability. If necessary, I'll call for help but at that moment, I know I'll make it through the storm intact.
Enjoyed reading this dream. Felt like I could see it as I was reading it. Especially since I live in a small house, have two cats and live in small town neighborhood.
I forgot to mention: I spoke with my friend-who is a skilled lucid dreamer-the day after this dream. She mentioned she had a dream where I needed help and was trying to contact me. I told her about the dream and that she was able to get through.
Thanks this is a great dream and so timely.

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