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3/16/20 Universe Turns Bright and Safe!
The run is a nice reprieve from the recent negativity. The phrase, "Sunlight Version Meditation" could point to breathenarianism...the people who stare at the sun to gain photonic energy instead of consuming food. Maybe soon we all turn to this lifestyle since the shelves are empty and market is pointing to collapse

Trending in the Collective Dreams (See chart below for visual representation):  rainbow pink beat sunlight version meditation turning yesterday bright yeah nature universe saturday safe sky speed familiar nights coffee share clouds boat reality white usually awake spirit start apparently small

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This is what I would call a fluffy bunny run. All pink and rainbows, and bright white clouds. Big Grin
It's just you and I, DLP. LOL. No one cares
Well, someone's dreaming fluffy bunny dreams or this would be a far different run. Big Grin

Hey, how about Easter? Maybe we have a timeframe expected here based on the bunny meme. EASTER!
That's very possible. Easter is 12 April. We'll see what pops up around that time.

A lot of schools are closed until early April. Maybe the fluffy bunny dreams are kids happy with the extended vacation*. Although I can't imagine how many school kids would be recording their dreams online. Big Grin

*And likely more than a few teachers. My son teaches HS Physics and he was notified today that the already extended spring break was going to go for at least another week. I have no idea how his finances are affected by this but I know he's enjoying the down time.

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