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4/3/20 Lockdowns and Checkpoints
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I'm working from home as of yesterday. The company gave me a letter to carry, showing I work for a medical organization, for when I need to go in to the office. Getting that letter brought back stories I heard about WWII and Nazi Germany. Gives me the creepies.
There's a fierce battle going on under the scenes for control. Who will win? Previous CIRF reports indicated that freedom awaits.
Not for a while. A long while. In the meantime, we haven't even begun to see how bad things will get.

Seriously, people. If you haven't started getting squared away as best you can, you're behind and need to get cracking. Work on collecting up food and other supplies, prepare to either bug out or hunker down. We're looking at a bad moon rising, trouble on the way, as CCR sang.
The irony is I've never actually listened to all the lyrics of that song. Awfully perky tune for such a dark song.

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