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Chicago renamed Taishi
Dreamt I was at the airport to get on a plane from Indiana to Chicago.  I went through multiple checkpoints, many with Asian workers. Looking at my ticket I became concerned because it said "Taishi" instead of Chicago as the destination, and there were some other Chinese words on the ticket.  So before getting on the plane, I got in a line to ask about this.  The woman at the desk was Chinese.  She looked at my ticket and interpreted the Chinese words on the ticket:  "Old, spooked woman".  Seems that the correct destination was on the ticket.

I woke up, and I was spooked!  Chicago renamed as Taishi.  Not sure if I got the spelling right, may have been Taishii.  Definitely, not Tai Chi.

So I did an internet search for Taishi.  Taishi village was where villagers protested the corruption in their city and tried to elect honest officials, which led to multiple clashes.  Symbol of the Democratic movement in China right now.
Seems like they share at least one syllable.... SHE. Allow me to explain...Chicago has CHI, similar to Taishi has SHI. Sounds a bit different, but seems to overlap.
Not that this has anything to do with the dream, really, but the last few days I've had the lyrics from the chorus of a 70's era song called The Night Chicago Died. I had no idea what that was all about because this was a song that I hadn't thought about in a long, long time. Then I heard it on Sirius while I was running errands. I asked what was going on but heard no answer.

The Night Chicago Died

Quote:I heard my momma cry
I heard her pray the night chicago died
Brother, what a night it really was
Brother, what a fight it really was
Glory be
I heard my momma cry
I heard her pray the night chicago died
Brother, what a night the people saw
Brother, what a fight the people saw
Yes, indeed
And the sound of the battle rang

When I saw the title to this thread, those lyrics started running through my head again.

Maybe we need to keep our eyes open for something happening to Chicago. It could be a marker of some sort. A crux point that will give an indication of the future timeline.
All these comments are interesting. I wonder what is happening with Chicago?

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