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4/23/20 Love and Light!
Watch the Video CIRF:
What is a CIRF Report?

Trending in the Collective Dreams (See chart below for visual representation):
love strong possible cream chair husband hitting sad pay sheet april beer pull finding gone song wet same light dating arms dream other switch bring house take ice helping skip


How to read DreamBot runs:
chair husband pay sheet april gone switch house take

This run gave me a chuckle. I'm neck deep in the paperwork, including all the different "pay sheet" because we have multiple accounts, required to buy a house. The spouse is, essentially, a "chair husband" because he is in the early stages of dementia and I'm handling everything. Our closing is tentatively scheduled for the end of May because "April gone" in the sense of it's taking much longer and a lot more work than usual to get anything accomplished because of the shutdowns. However, we're still moving along to "switch" from our current "house" and "take" possession of the new one.

To me, Bot's confirming other input and vibes I'm getting. Big Grin
DLP, sounds like the bot is truly speaking to you in this run. Good luck with your move. Sorry to hear about your husband. Love Strong is nice to see though.
The loan has been approved so it's just a matter of finalizing the details. Smile

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