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4/24/20 The Great AWAKENING!!!!
Attention all CIRFers!
Attention all Q Patriots!
Attention all Law of One aspirants!
Attention all Law of Attraction enthusiasts!
Attention Collective Free Persons!
The Collective Unconscious is gaining extreme momentum towards positivity, ascension, awakening, love, change, etc. The collective dreamers represent Carl Jung’s “Collective Unconscious” and tend to not only predict much of the biggest immanent news headlines but more importantly, project clearly the barometer/thermometer of the Collective Unconscious itself. And now, despite the mass media’s insistence on fear fear fear, the Collective is headed straight towards a positive golden age! The great awakening is upon us! Please share far and wide for a big positive impact towards the life we all want….harmony, freedom, prosperity, health, technology (for good), purpose, progress, etc.

Watch the Video CIRF:
What is a CIRF Report?


Trending in the Collective Dreams (See chart below for visual representation):
promised gold pills land dreaming unfamiliar imaginary unknown line saturday annoyed wednesday into though going hitting sit ship awakening universe beginning years often probably story skip through changing journal chair
Thank you DreamBot Run!
Yeah! It's about time right? And several days in a row with different words and memes. Hard to fathom the level of positivity in these recent runs considering the constant 24/7 onslaught of FEAR FEAR FEAR by mainstream media. And thanks to the light workers making a real difference
Right! I've stopped watching TV news because of the constant fear mongering. Instead, I'm listening to talk radio for my area.

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