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Birth dream, 5.18.2020 am
Dream of a co-worker who works in a different location from myself. It's rare that I ever speak directly with her. I've only seen her thru Webex or spoken with her on the phone. Dreamed she gave birth and was leaving the hospital without her baby. I was walking out of the hospital with her. I ask, are you okay leaving without your baby? She said, yes. I thought, how odd that she is having a baby at her age.

When I signed on to work this morning, I see a company wide email from this person. We have a new website to access, for work I do sometimes. And yes, it's her new baby. I had no idea about the new website, so was funny for me to see it in my email this morning. Big Grin
Love how dreams tell us information in interesting ways. Thanks for sharing.

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