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Getting to work
I mentioned in Cassandra's dream about going walking that I've had a lot of "walkies" dreams lately. Last night was another so I thought I would post it here.

I'm in a town that I don't recognize. Wandering about, taking in the lay of the land, so to speak. There are people moving around. Vehicles are parallel parked along the curbs but there are no vehicles driving in the streets. Shops are open but I don't see what kind of shops they are. As I wander about, I realize no one is talking. All the people seem to be about some sort of business. None are idly strolling along. Everyone is moving with purpose. Going in and out of the shops, loading up vehicles with whatever they're purchasing.

The dream shifts to I'm now standing in what appears to be a living/sitting room. Sofas, end tables with lamps, bookcases filled with books, coffee tables, that sort of thing. It's a comfortable looking space, definitely a family home-type space. I hear a woman ask if I'm ready to get to work. I turn around and it's Duchess Kate from the UK. She's sitting at a desk but gets up when I turn. She takes my hand, shakes it, and tells me she's so glad to see me, glad to know I'm there to help. I have no idea what she's talking about and say so. She kind of frowns for a second. Tells me Harry was supposed to fill me in on what was going on. Harry? Nope, haven't talked to anyone named Harry.

A door opens and Prince Harry enters. He sees us and stops. Grimaces. Says, Oh bugger. Kate eyes him and observes that he was supposed to reach out to me before I got there. He says he knows but she knows how it is-he gestures vaguely. She sighs and says yes, she does. I am utterly clueless(That's a common state with me in these walkies dreams. Big Grin ). Then she kind of straightens, fixes a smile in place, and tells me Oh well, what's done is done. We need to get you up to speed. She invites me to sit. Harry parks in a comfy-looking chair and she sits on a sofa across from me. They look at each other as if deciding who's going to talk first. I jump in and ask where William is. Kate says William is out in the public, drawing attention away from us, especially from Harry, who isn't supposed to be in the UK right now. I glance at him. He grimaces again and says don't ask. Oh-kay. I won't. Instead I ask if they know what it is I do. They look at each other again, then back at me. Harry says that all he knows is he's supposed to have my back when I do whatever it is I'm to do while Kate and William provide cover. I look at him, then her, then back at him. In that instant I know we're going to fight. To battle something/someone. I'm to handle the energetic, he'll handle the physical while Kate and William act like nothing is out of the ordinary.

I woke.
Woa, awesome walkabout dream. I wonder if you were in someone else's bod.
I can usually tell when I'm in another body and it didn't feel like it this time. The other night I was in a dream involving collecting multi-colored glowing stones which were used as projectiles in weapons and knew I was in a different body as well as on another planet entirely.
Did the planet have a purple violet sky?

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