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Prince Harry of GB Dream. 5/31/2020, am
Dreamed I am looking through the pockets of a child's pants. Then Prince Harry walks up and he looks to be about 6 or 7. I am taking a half eaten candy out of the pants pocket. I looked at him and said, do you have any lolly's in your pockets. He smiled and pulled a candy from his pocket. I held up the half eaten candy and said, don't forget to take them out of your pockets. He stood there and smiled. I then said, well I think that people who do your laundry should know by now to the check the pockets.  He shrugged his shoulders like, I don't know and he walked away. 

Afterthoughts: I have no idea where this come from. In the dream I was speaking in a British accent. Used the word lolly when talking and the word candy when thinking.  Tongue
Your dream is the second dream involving Prince Harry.

Getting to Work

Wonder what's up with that and/or Prince Harry?
Yep I'm curious also.

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