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6/2/20 June will be Crazy Energy and a New Paradigm
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Nooooo, no more crazy energy. We are way out of balance and need stability on this planet and the universe.

In just one day you see:
1. Humans flying into Space.
2. Humans acting violently toward other humans, maiming and killing each other.
3. Humans destroying other peoples property.
4. Viruses and disease.
5. Earth changes, floods, volcano's and earthquakes.
june contrast crazy energy

June hit the ground running in terms of energy. We have the full moon and an eclipse this week, the sun has picked up activity, the asteroids coming by for a visit, another eclipse later this month, protests around the world, pandemic, economic upheaval...well, you get the picture.

If June suddenly says, "Hold my beer" y'all better duck and run to your nearest shelter. And I don't meant that facetiously. Undecided
ThePaladin,  I love reading your writing. You make me Big Grin .

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