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Going ahead in time
Anyone feel time moving too quick or going ahead of yourself?

Example: This evening I was showering, washing my hair, eyes closed. As soon as I close my eyes, I see a chimpanzee face in front of me. Thought, how odd because I've not see a chimpanzee anywhere on tv or internet. After showering I start watching a tv show and yep, there is chimp on the tv show.
Hi Cassandra! I’ve been having a hard time keeping my days of the week straight. Now, I’ve been working from home exclusively, so that could be part of it. But it feels different somehow. In the past I was able to just relax and it would come to me as I woke up, but recently it’s more like it’s only Tuesday, and I’m thinking it’s Friday or even Saturday. And I’ve been getting plenty of sleep, so it’s not that either.
Thank you GG. Good to know not just me.
Popping in here late. I think that there is so much going on in our world and that there is a true shift in consciousness going on. A shift in vibrational level. I would not be surprised in time was wonky.

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