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Fiery destruction
This dream is not as clear as I prefer to post but it seems important to post. In the dream I see two friends, JTM and JT.  The main thing here is that I see an area that has had fire and destruction. I see a building that has been reduced to pieces of rubble. Also behind us I see many small fires as though they have been burning for awhile and still could flare up again. It seems dark like I am watching the fires at nighttime.  I remember seeing JTM down on a ledge or a sizable piece of one of the buildings.  I help her get up on firm ground and off of the debris.  In my mind I think how this is in Wilmington, NC.  ( I continue to dream of natural disaster and destruction in this city.)  Partly what I find interesting here is that both people JT and JTM were in my earlier dream that I posted here a year ago named "Stadium Collapse."  Both also have close ties to Richmond, Virginia.
I still believe that the 'Stadium Collapse' dream is connected with the shut down of all major sports because of Covid-19. But there is much unrest and tension in the city of Richmond at this time so this dream may be connected to that. The destruction I saw would have to come from a bomb or earthquake. 
Regardless.....let's pray for a healed and loving world.  
Quick follow up.  Though it is not the same dream that I posted, it is interesting that there was an earthquake in Alaska approximately 24 hours after I experienced my dream of damage that could have been the result of an earthquake. The Alaskan earthquake occurred about 2 hours and ten minutes after I completed my posting. There was no destruction like I saw in my dream.  But it was a strong powerful 7.8 earthquake.  It occurred off of Alaska's southern coast.  There was a small tsunami and strong shaking was felt 500 miles away.  So far there have been more than a dozen aftershocks.
There was also a 6.2 mg earthquake in China about 800 miles from three gorges dam today also and moderate quake 5.4 near Vancouver island afterward the Alaskan quake. I think maybe we will se a big quake on west coast USA in the fall or in Febuary. I had a Febuary 5th date come up in a dream but nothing specific about it, however.
Ridley, thanks for sharing. Interesting that you associate the stadium collapse dream with Covid. That totally fits!
Follow-up.  On August 4th, 2020, a huge chemical explosion occurred in the port city of Beirut, Lebanon.  160 people are dead and over 5,000 wounded with a large number of people still missing.  It began with a fire which lead to some small explosions and then the colossal explosion which created a mushroom cloud and blast wave.  A huge catastrophe caused by large amounts of ammonium nitrate stored in warehouses.  The blast, which at first many thought was from a bomb, created a crater 140 meters wide.  Windows were blown out in a five mile area.  It has been determined that the impact was the equivalent of a 3.3 magnitude earthquake.  When I saw images from the scene on TV I thought how it made me think of this  "fiery destruction" dream post.  There is one particular image that has been shown often.  In this image it shows what is left of grain silos standing very alone in the center of the destruction. It looks much like a solitary rock formation standing alone in a wide space.  This image struck me because it looks much like the rock ledge where I am trying to help my friend JTM in my dream posting. Of course my dream seemed to be more about an earthquake in North Carolina, with no remembrance of anything that would make me think of far off Beirut. 
Then Sunday morning August 9th, 2020, a magnitude 5.1 earthquake occurred near Sparta, NC near the Virginia border.  This is the strongest earthquake to hit in NC in almost 100 years.  It was felt from Tennessee and Virginia to Georgia and some reports stating Florida.  It was also felt from the origin in the mountains of NC across the state to the coast. Luckily only minor damage to buildings near the epicenter.  Of course this made me think of this post because it was a notable sized earthquake in NC which is rare.  Interestingly, both JTM and JT felt the quake in two different states.  
I did this follow up in part because my original post referred to fire and destruction like a bomb or earthquake.  To me it is as if the two events somehow merged within my dream state and then occurring close in time.  I was watching CNN news on television this morning.  They did coverage on the Beirut bombing for several minutes. Then without missing a beat they went right into a story and images of the NC earthquake almost like it was the same story.
Of course I did not register anything about Lebanon just destruction and earthquake in North Carolina which seem like two very different things.  If you have read this far you may find some remarks made my a good friend of mine after we discussed this dream.  But I have run out of room so I will add those thoughts in another follow up post.

Quick follow up to previous post that I could not finish. My friend stated that the 2 events could be related in ways we cannot see.  She stated that the earth is a ship that is becoming more and more fragile due in part to actions of mankind over time.  How do we know that a powerful explosion or blast in Lebanon that was compared to an earthquake wasn't somehow a trigger that set off the ground moving in the mountains of the United States.  People must see the earth a a whole living thing that is not divided into parts. We do not understand everything about vibration and frequencies.  
I thought this was all thought provoking and interesting.
That earthquake shook the house for about 20 seconds and woke me up. I think that Lebanon explosion was a strike because you can see in enhanced videos of it there a drone like thing that's hits the building just before the biggest explosion. There seem to be a lot of explosions taking place here in the last two weeks.

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