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Prediction Large Scale Riots
Morning all

Hope everyone is keeping safe during this Pandemic?

Onto my PD which I had today: I was seeing a very large scale riot, VERY large, I would say akin to an Arab Spring in purpose and it was in a country where Police carry round shields black/blue uniforms.

Not much on the dream front of late but I have logged the biggest events up to 2182 so what I get now are merely filling in the gaps.
I should probably put them in order in one post.

Keep safe and good luck.
I think you might see them before the year is up getting into late fall. If they don't extend unemployment benefits then it could happen sooner. You will see some real rioting due to people becoming homeless and going hungry and it won't be paid protesters people will start to get desperate. 30 million people are on the verge of being evicted form the places they have rented. It could get real ugly in a very short amount of time.
The root cause being Capitalism run amuck... Private ownership and the constant need to consume, make and sell for profit. Creating a population of customers only able to need and want, no longer humans that can produce things for the requirements and wellbeing of the human race on the whole... regardless of what money they have or may not have in their pockets.

Our undoing????? most likely.
There is guy( Dana Coverstone) making videos of his dreams that I have seen on you tube says he sees a bad increase in the violence of the riots starting in October. In Chicago last night rioting thugs attacked a children's charity shelter but he even sees elderly people starting to get attacked even in nursing homes and those not rioting violently enough will be attacked. I don't doubt it and the value of the dollar decreases severely by October and then disaster in November.
Only time will tell but the rioters did seem to have their way and result they were rioting for.

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