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Strange dream.

This morning around 3:30 I woke from a strange scene in my dream.

I was looking at the porch of a house.  House had what I would consider a midwest feel.  Yet if I were to just say what state it was in without thinking I get Kansas or Texas.  The house was built probably early 1960-70s.

A girl steps out of the house, it seems as if something has brought her from inside the house to see what is outside.

While standing on the porch for a second or three looking around, suddenly a four-sided bag like object appears to cover her head.  She struggles while it is on.  Frantically running around the front yard, she pulls it off you can see plumes of smoke coming out of the bag.  A cloud of smoke wafting off her head.  Shes coughing a lot.

The girl is young.  Perhaps as old as 13.

As I watch this I realize I have company watching the same thing as me.  A spirit perhaps.  [Which usually makes me think there is some imagery that I have to decode after the fact]

I make a comment about how there must have been a split-second thought during her struggle that now she knows this smoke in her lungs didnt kill her; I continue to remark in some sarcastic way that this is what will drive her to smoke now that this initial worry of death has been overcome.

  Of note, when I first saw the girl come out of the house I thought oh, trick or treat, halloween. something to that effect.  But then when the bag just appeared over her head I abandoned all thoughts of halloween.

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