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Prediction Chips
Hello all

Just thought I post a quick one in case anyone thought I wasn't active... I'm active, it's just I have had more personal Precogs than world view precogs of late, it happens from time to time.

Dream: An international dispute over a revolutionary chip, made and invented in China but American interests are furious. Seemed so revolutionary and extremely cheap.

Plus I've been getting a lot of futuristic dreams of late... I'd the latter end of this century.

An example from my logs...

I witnessed the theft of a bag, I chased down the thief to a market stand where it was being emptied to be sold as it was a rather expensive bag(collectable) The Police arrived and had hand held devices that could forensically analyse the bag for DNA and match it with the person who had lost it on the spot... A quick example for those curious.
I know there has been some speculation about that one flight that disappeared in East Asia a few years ago that it was disppeared on orders of the Rothschilds because it had to do with certain people in the same company on the flight who came up with a new microchip that the Rothschild's wanted. The patent was supposed to go to Jacob Rothschild if the inventors of the chip were to have died.

I decided to do some research myself and it seems China are on the brink of the next step in Chip manufacture, specifically something called a Neuromorphic Chip. Cheap to make and far out classes anything to date... this maybe the said chip.
Interesting ! I wonder what that will spur people to create in the future?
(10-06-2020, 12:20 AM)twiceblessed9 Wrote: Interesting !  I wonder what that will spur people to create in the future?

Rebuilding a better future from what's left of our current aberration of what we call civilisation... The events to come are extremely world and life-changing... The first major event in Summer 2024 if I take my dreams as read and London being "Gone". Maybe WWIII or a small rogue asteroid??? All I know is there will be an election in the UK and US in 2029 both Female victors and then a far greater geological event occurs thereafter the middle or worst part being in 2033 recovering in 2036/7 survival, fuedalism and chaos.  It will be at that time the old ways are blamed for the disaster and a more controloled system is introduced... Consumerism and capitalism will be dead. Then again this coukd all be some plot line in an epic tv series yet to be written that I happen to later watch and enjoy, only time will tell. Just always have a back up plan, just in case.
I had another dream about two women I know on why not to take the chip and it says it will turn you into a killer because your agression can be affected by sending signals through the chip to your brain and if you do so you will be sent to the abyss to be burnt for a period of time.
Scary times indeed... Roll-on 2037.

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