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Amy Grant, sad
In this short dream I see Christian singer, celebrity Amy Grant. She is sitting at a table or booth in what appears to be a diner. She is alone and she seems to be sad and lonely.  She does not say anything.  She has a concerned, worried look on her face. End of dream.  
Though she says nothing I feel that she is in mourning.  Something has happened to a loved one. It may be that her husband singer songwriter Vince Gill has died.

I know that Amy Grant had major open heart surgery back in the summer of 2020. Everything seemed to go very well for her. Though this dream was brief and not very detailed, it did seem to be important.  I know that this is a strong Christian family and I'm sure they pray for each other regularly. But more prayers are always a good thing.
This is a follow-up on this brief dream that I posted earlier this month.  The dream did not reveal much to me so I did not write much detail or description. Basically all I saw was Amy Grant very sad sitting in a booth in a diner.  So what I am sharing  with readers now  is why I  feel I saw her so sad.  
The good news is that I no longer think that the sadness comes from the loss or injury of her husband Vince Gill.  I feel that if the dream was about him or a family member, then I would have seen her in a more private, intimate setting such as her home and not in a diner. I remember the diner puzzled me. (I'll return to this.)  
 I think now that Amy Grant is sad because of the recent destructive suicide bombing that occurred on Christmas morning 12-25-2020 in Nashville, Tennessee.  Eight people were injured and more than 40 buildings were damaged.  Amy Grant and her husband and family live in Nashville, Tennessee. Her family has deep roots in Nashville. ( They may own large real estate holdings in downtown Nashville.)  Amy Grant and Vince Gill are like Nashville royalty and are very much a part of the city.
Also  Amy Grant is well known as a major Christian recording artist. This bombing occurred on Christmas Day. I like to listen to Amy Grant's Christmas recordings during the holiday season. And I had been listening to her Christmas music hours before learning of the bombing. One of her biggest songs is entitled a Tennessee Christmas. When I saw her so sad, I first thought of family. But I think the location of her in a diner is to reveal an incident more outside of self.  I think the diner represented the downtown business area including restaurants and hotels that are located in that part of town that was so severely damaged.
To sum up, I see Amy Grant sad in my dream and I do not remember or know why. But in this case, to me, she is sad because of the strange bombing and the destruction of her home city.

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