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Dam break dream, 2.5.2021
Dream: I am walking inside a house telling people "hurry, the water will be here soon, we need to get to high ground. Grab what food you can carry and and an extra change of clothes. Hurry now or you will need to swim out of here". I walk outside of the building, see water in the street and start walk with people toward higher ground.

Before I woke fully I heard: Dam, San Franciso and Full Moon.
Cassandra, I thought it interesting that on 2/7/2021, 2 days after your posting,  there was a major flooding disaster in India killing at least 32 people with 165 missing with many presumed dead.  According to news media, there was a sudden partial collapse of a Himalayan glacier which broke off Sunday morning unleashing a devastating flood. This massive wall of floodwaters also brought mud and boulders roaring down the mountain along 2 rivers, BREAKING DAMS and sweeping away bridges as it went.  The water also swept away a hydroelectric power plant where some of the missing were working.
i know you mentioned San Francisco.  But I thought it interesting that you had a major dream about a flooding disaster and 2 days later there was one.
Of course there is always the dams in the San Francisco bay area that were quite a few even in the early 2000's that were in need of a lot work for repairs according to the book magnitude 8. The big one is still the Oroville spillway which known to be a disaster waiting happen seeing how they can't turn on the gates to spill anything over 10,000 cfs because the vibrations it would cause would tear the dam apart. If it broke while close to full it could kill a million people because it would send a 30 foot wall of water into Sacramento. The dream I had of it's big time failure is that something happens with the Almanor dam which causes the Oroville Spillway to fail big time. I still remember the dream of seeing part of the spillway break off around the side of the gates maybe 20 to 30 feet of it and the head guy rushes into the break room and tells everyone to get out and head for higher ground and have them inform Oroville to evacuate. They take off and then the rest of the spillway breaks apart. The water would take 2 hours to get to Sacramento but it would take three days to properly evacuate 2.2 million people.
I just came across a report on steve quayle that the 3 gorges dam has 1300 long cracks and 200 are leaking water and it getting worse every hour and day by an engineer but is unconformed. Full moon Febuary 27, March 28, April 26, and May 26.
There are some videos on you tube about the continued flooding at 3 gorges dam. According to world views news channel the level record of water at Chonqing station is now 191.55 14cm above the previous record level in 1981.
JAWSAWTIKAL - Thanks so much for all the info. I've been consumed with freezing weather issues here in S. Louisiana and not thought about checking this post I made. After hearing about the event in India, I thougth if that is what I dreamed? Then when I woke and clearly heard: Dam, San Francisco and Full Moon, I tried to find those references to what happened in India, but didn't find anything. Normally I will dream something 3 days before it happens, so the timeline was right for India. I will look at the video's on Youtube.
I had another dream that when the Oroville dam goes in California things really increased from a jogging pace to a full blown sprint with the events that are to come. It's only around 730 foot full right and it's height is 900 feet but it still doesn't mean that it couldn't fail this spring or summer. If that events happens up at almanor dam and cascades down it could still go but if not this spring it's still less than year until we get to California's next rainy season starting in December. A full failure would mean that California's fertile valley would be underwater and that would cause food prices to skyrocket.
There were two dam collapses yesterday in China these were dams and not just earthen levees. One collapse has affected over 16,000 people took out about 20 bridges and 9 miles of road. There were several videos on you tube about this collapse.
Another dam in China has breached by 20 feet but hasn't completely collapsed yet due to it being a breach in the earthen embankment. The Chinese sent 20,000 troops to try to shore up the breach of the Yihetan dam on the Yellow river.
It has been reported by a truck driver that one car tunnel in the cities flooded by dam break that 6,300 dead bodies have been pulled out of the flooded road tunnel and there are still more bodies. The truck driver had his cell phone confiscated my Chinese officials, however.

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