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my crazy poems...

What we choose to do
Will either help or hurt us
It’s something to muse
Let’s not get into a fuss
Doing so only causes stress
It won’t solve any situation
Others dig in as you won’t impress
Don’t fall into that old temptation
Listening in and asking leading questions
Might allow others to see things anew
It might allow thought digestion
They may no longer think an idea is cuckoo

Twenty three
So many memories of your evolution
From that young boy grunting on the field
To the wise Confucian
Many a wonders you’ve revealed
What a wonderful man you’ve become
Able to hold court with an engineer,
Lawyer and reserve banker not to be outdone
The Yampatika teachers you helped when unclear
So proud to be your father
There’s so much I could say
It has been such an honor
To have you and say Happy Birthday!

Ears to hear
What is it that I hear
It used to sound like the teacher on a Charlie Brown special
Over time that message has begun to clear
Tuning in as my mind has begun to settle
Quiet observations without much fear
Always there, but I was not open to receive
Understanding when it was my time to hear
Ready for me to begin to cleave
Thoughts which no longer serve
No longer certain of what I know
To others my actions may unnerve
Peace is found in entering into gods loving flow

Months worth of writing and improving

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