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2 China-related dreams
As background, I had a mild case of COVID in April, 2020, which I treated with herbal medicine.  Thus, I have never felt any danger from this viral illness, so I have not bothered to get the vaccine.  Recently my University issued a mandate, via email, that all must have the COVID vaccination before Fall semester.

That night, after reading the email, I had the following nightmare:

Dream #1:  
I was in a war-torn landscape trying to elude Chinese troops.  They were shooting at me, trying to kill me.  I moved to a city, which looked like war-time Warsaw, Poland.  I tried to find someone to protect me.

After the dream, my first thought was, the CCP military are out to give me "the shot".  I recently read that Wuhan is a very large city with multiple scientific laboratories doing research.  The article stated that there is a large military hospital in Wuhan, possibly doing research, with a primate research center nearby, and the epicenter of the outbreak was near these two labs - the other side of town from the Wuhan Institute.  My sense is that the virus came from a military lab, or was connected to the CCP military in some way.

Yesterday, I accepted the fact that I would have to get the "jab" to keep my job.  I contacted an energy healer to help me and to put a protective layer around me during the process. I signed up for my first dose of Pfizer.  Last night, I dreamt the following:

Dream #2:
I am on a city street in middle America.  Old brick buildings.  I see some Chinese working on a storefront.  The storefront is interchangeable, with folding front windows with different merchandise.  I see a physician I know, an internist, walk into this storefront - I sense that he works in this building.  No one else is on the street.  No other stores are open.

Afterwards, I wonder:  Will the Chinese control everything we need to stay alive?  Strange dream.
I actually had one the other night where American troops were leaving a base somewhere but left a bomb as a last act to slow foreign troops down and then seeing where they had entered buildings and were throwing down candy like wrappers down on the floor but they were chemical weapons in small disguise and then they put on heavy chemical warfare gas masks and left the building.
So sorry to hear that you had to take the jab. I've heard that pine tea and dandelion root tea can be very helpful. Keep that immune system high, my friend

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