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Flooding River
The time is early evening, still light out; skies are a bit grey, temperature is mild. I was in town at the end of a visit, and decided to drive around a bit and explore. I turned into the parking lot of a building that looked like one a friend had showed me a photo of. There was a very large swimming pool to the right of the lot, but it was completely drained, no water. To the left was a condo or apartment building. No cars were in the lot. Restaurants were on the 1st floor of the back of the building but were closed. The condos or apartments were above the restaurants and I had a sense they were occupied as I saw billowing curtains and a light or two. The building was about 4-6 stories high.

The building overlooked a river, and I was surprised to see how turbulent and extremely fast moving the water was, with the water near the very top of the bank and about to overflow. I thought I better head back before the roads became flooded. As I exited the parking lot, I could see the water was now overflowing and onto the roads. I thought I could still get out, but I'd have to be quick. The building was at the corner of two streets in this downtown area, and there was a traffic light at the intersection. I looked up at the street signs to see where I was, and it was the corner of Devon and Main.

When I woke up I googled 'Devon and Main'. Devon is a street in Chicago; I'm familiar with Chicago and this didn't seem to be there. The town in my dream was much smaller, less commercial activity, more sedate. 'Devon and Main' also yielded Devon's main river... Tamar in southwest England. In my dream it felt more like the US than England as the driver's seat was on the left side of the car.
Flooding in Devon, England:

also flooding after Hurricane Ida with various Devon mentions

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