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Feathers, birds (dove), and Angels...
The dream I had was in pieces. I didn't remember it when I woke up immediately around 6:30am. I went to my meditation room and fell asleep in a recliner while praying and meditating. I got up and went back to bed until a little after 10am. I believe the dreams were broken into pieces of the sleep from 6:30am - 10am. When I went back out to my sunroom/prayer room I began getting flashes of the dreams as colors flashing of black and white(maybe an induction?) with first feathers or wings being flapped closely to my point of view which seemed to be through a portal but I could not see the animal or entity. I could feel them as soft and calming blowing a cool breeze by my face and body. The colors of the dream involved were black, white, silver, gold, and yellow maybe gray and red. The flapping of the wings flew further away from me so that I could see a dove or white bird that was getting brighter and intensity grew in silver and gold outlines around the feathers and wings. I was focused on the wings and feathers through the portal as the birds got so close that it is all I could see and as what I thought was the bird flew back out away from my view in the portal I noticed the wings never decreased in size and the birds were actually angels of brilliant gold, silver, yellow, white and maybe some red and gray. It was an army of angelic beings that I was watching and it made me feel excited, energized and joyful with a breath of relief. I felt like finally this is happening. I don't know what exactly was happening but I was relieved to be able to watch and observe it.

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