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Prediction 9 On The Richter Scale
Hello Everyone

12th November 2021: I was with a small group of people when the conversation suddenly turned to my dream I had in dream and the images and a short statement.
The image was that of a small graph/chart on the left going up was Richter Scale on the bottom was dates. There were 2 peaks along the chart both at the 9 point Richter Scale, the first dated 2011 then the 2nd being further along the chart... at the base, there was a 3rd marker labelled in red but about 9/10 of the way across the chart, a small sentence below reading as "You Are Here."
The conversation afterwards was discussing that it was in the same country and of how bad it would be for me to have to post it after the first time.....

I awoke and wrote it in my journal and have posted it here today.
The 2011 peak, 9.1 on Richter scale, might refer to the large tsunami-generating earthquake off the coast of Japan. The second peak might be the 8.8 off the coast of Sumatra in 2012. Not sure what was meant by "in the same country"?
The writing that read "You Are Here" refers to the current time frame 2021... the not too distant peak of 9 being shortly ahead of us, also the conversation I had within the dream about how to alert them was very clear and the dilemma after such a terrible disaster in 2011... so the same country. If I had to guess I would say given the graph it's either 22 or 23, the Sun's activity might be the tell... Quote" A CME exploded from the vicinity of sunspot 1164 during the late hours of March 7, 2011. It leapt away from the Sun travelling ~2200 km/s, making it the fastest CME since September 2005. On March 9, active region 1166 erupted in an X1." Currently, the sun is in a Deep Solar Minimum I'm gathering that will change soon this to me might be the correlation.

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