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Armored helicopters
Dream snippet:  I dreamed of two armored helicopters (no windows on side, armored plates instead), one of which shot a missile towards a high rise building, but missed.  I thought it was an apartment building in the U.S.  I was standing on a hill overlooking the apartment building, with a house and yard behind me.  Wandering inside, I noticed that the plumbing was not working, and we needed to build a latrine in the yard.  Like Iris's dream, this also felt like a wartime situation.

I have never seen an armored helicopter, but similar helicopters exist.
On April 27th or 28th I had a dream/vison of the words, "prepare for disaster". No instruction provided so until I do get more info, I prepare mentally. In the past I have had visions/dreams of living in a post global disaster world. So of course, I remember those dreams and wonder, okay is it time?

The next day I tried to get more info and saw just a snippet of a Chinese dragon.

The next night I asked for clarification about what, when, where. I only stated wanting more information with nothing specific in mind. Dream: I am standing in the parking lot of a grocery store/restaurant at night. I look up and see the moon has a blue light shining out the bottom of it. I zoom in and see it is a UFO with bluish light streaming out the bottom of the craft. My last thought was, so beautiful. End of dream.

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