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Prediction Land Slave 7/7/2022 8:05am
Modern day Land ownership/ slavery
Trying to carry water through the land to get to my parcel. Walking under old bent pine trees and mulberry trees. East coast, summertime. Everyone around me is enjoying life, sipping iced tea or lemonade on their porches. I on the other hand and working. I know that before the end of my Life Time I have to build up my land so that I can turn the assets into something I can sell so that I can buy another piece of land for my children so they will not become slaves to the government before this new program takes effect.

County tried to suck people back into slavery via repo of land. Condition was you continue to live on the land through our your life and work your land, but at the end of your life the government got your land, like a reverse mortgage.

If you had any other family members or friends living on the land when you died, then they became slaves of the government.

You will own nothing.
Government is up to very dirty tricks.

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