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Prediction War with Arabia
This is from a dream of March 3rd, 2023.  //I am walking down a street with a small group of friends. We approach a house , a country farmhouse type which has a long porch across the front exterior.  On the porch of this home are the "friends" from the TV show FRIENDS.  We approach to talk with them and mainly to say goodbye.  It is sad for we are hugging and there is a feeling of sadness.  Several people there, mainly remember seeing actors Courteney Cox and David Schwimmer.  / Now I see myself as David Schwimmer.  I also see soldiers marching, an army marching.  I see their dark brown camouflage uniforms and black boots as they march in a rigid step formation.  Next I am in an airplane sitting next to a window looking down to the ground.  Then I know that we are at war with Arabia.  

Notes and some thoughts.  The fact that I see myself as Mr. Schwimmer is important in that I see myself as a Jewish person.  I do not understand the Friends connection unless it is because war separates friends and is a very sad time, to state the obvious.  Does it show a war between Israel and Arabia {Saudi Arabia} ?  I know there is a lot of ongoing tension in that part of the world. Maybe this represents a slightly different conflict.  Would America join in to help Israel? 
Thanks for sharing. Got the Spirit chills reading it.

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