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Tigers and Orchids
So, sometimes I recall beautiful things in my dreams and I think to myself... "Yeah, I need to paint that... On a jewelry box!"
Ok... so that doesn't happen THAT often, but it did this one time. I had recalled a lovely part of a dream where I watched a tiger roll around in a field of orchids... I just so happened to be walking around Hobby Lobby later in the day when a small pine box called out to me. I brought it home and let myself go nuts.

*Please forgive all of the photos I took in the process... the reasoning was that I had sketched out how I was going to do to the box and my husband might have slightly doubted my abilities... just for a moment. So, I made sure to document everything I did as I did it and texted him the results. He now knows I can do anything. Hehehe!*


Allllmost done~


And voila! The finished painting!


All a product of beautiful dreams!  Smile
Talented you are!
Thank you~ sooo much, esholars!
Indeed. WAY talented! Please keep sharing!
That is beautiful! You sure showed him, huh? lol! Cool
Did you like that, Rebecca...I had the DFers having to be moderated! LOL. The quirks keep on comin' Smile
Ha! I was wondering what had happened. Yep, gotta keep an eye on us!! Tongue
Great job! It's great you take inspiration from your dreams!

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