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10/23/14 Lucky Agent
Not sure what to make of this run. We have two words that tip over our 2,500% trigger, but clarity is VERY lacking. If we had more dreamers, we would most certainly begin some incubations along these lines, but we do have many other missions ongoing at the moment. Therefore, we do need to be selective for what we decide to investigate. At this point, Luck Agent could mean many things in terms of new events, so we’ll move on to the other word that seems somewhat impressive here: Powers. We have at least three words all surging together along these lines: Abilities, Powers, and Powered. There are many hidden groupings in here, so don’t be put off by lack of interest in them. I just happened to like the very bottom of the list…a positive island of sorts. Have fun with this list!


Plain text
10/23/2014    %Change from Ave    % Change from Yesterday

agent    227.3%    2700.0%
lucky    180.4%    2700.0%
sowing    125.3%    1300.0%
struck    93.4%    1300.0%
heaven    175.4%    1250.0%
abilities    91.2%    1200.0%
press    205.2%    700.0%
awesome    92.6%    575.0%
hilarious    80.4%    500.0%
completed    73.6%    500.0%
episode    69.7%    500.0%
action    100.9%    366.7%
mini    76.2%    366.7%
lightning    84.7%    275.0%
orange    228.5%    258.3%
provocative    126.7%    250.0%
accident    102.0%    209.1%
com    108.1%    180.0%
forget    154.2%    163.6%
annoying    116.6%    157.1%
thanks    146.2%    142.9%
chat    132.4%    142.9%
stomach    97.1%    140.0%
packed    80.6%    133.3%
thank    71.2%    133.3%
yes    145.7%    132.1%
brief    109.9%    130.0%
powers    106.1%    130.0%
wed    174.2%    128.0%
guide    83.7%    118.2%
powered    150.4%    115.0%
positive    134.7%    112.5%
imagination    78.8%    111.1%
island    55.9%    110.0%
type    62.0%    103.3%
star    95.8%    100.0%
Could that b because of the awareness that industrial ag is needing to use harsher chemicals to grow food, and thus the move to label gmo foods because people are tired of being poisoned.
Let's hope for the positive reasoning behind any words.

Our thoughts have an impact so trying to stay positive is good
"Let's hope for the positive reasoning behind any words.
Our thoughts have an impact so trying to stay positive is good "--Ybul0229


Not to be "tongue-in-cheek" here but in looking at the bots let me offer in an Eagle-like fashion a different perspective.
Rather than the usual fear based, lets try its opposite.
There are no composing tools in this reply for emphasis so I shall capitalize the terms.

that could also be ANNOYING to the (PTW) who won't STOMACH the TYPE of ACTION that when COMPLETED in this current EPISODE
and like LIGHTENING can reach a STAR in (the) HEAVEN(s) to affect POSITIVE outcomes."

It is refreshing to see more positive words, concepts, terms in this stream, rather than fear and dread. Bravo!!
Loving it, P2! Getting in the action and throwing some weight around! LOVE IT!
I do like how the words Agent and Orange were grouped together first by something jumping way up and the other because it had the same deviation from the norm.

Tell the USDA: Don’t Approve New GMO ‘Agent Orange’ Crops! -

The Use of GMO crops simply increases the chemical companies profits, because of the increased use of their herbicides. GMO labeling will help to slow/reverse the march towards all crops being GMO's
I understand, I get stuck there and in the conspiracy theory mode many times and need to break free of that thought pattern.

Anyway, if there is something to go with the words alerting one to future events, then maybe the news stories are not what is right there, when a word jumps out, but something that is to come. If that is the case, then maybe there is something to come out in the future that busts agent orange being used as a herbicide again.

Just as Barry getting caught could be seen as bad news, it is also good in that a perp got caught for doing their bad thing. So Maybe, Agent Orange, is going to get busted for the harm it is doing to everything and the election for Labeling, might be more than the one I know of, brings to light how bad it is for all of us. Thus a bad topic turned into a positive, via it being busted and removed from use for good.
"I am not trying to be a fear monger. just noticed the words is all, "
Dear wonderful, Magnificent Lakota Woman, visionary-
Of course you are not! YOU aren't dreaming all these terms that show up.
Dear god, you would be exhausted by morning!!! LOL
Thank you for your Awareness of the words......
And with Ybul0229 envisioning the positive outcome of potential Agent Orange GMO harm
affects change in the quantum field of possibilities. This is how it all works.
Its a wonderful bouillabaisse starting from the omni-particle frequency of the sixth realm of creation. Totally
unpredictable and utterly malleable according to our attitudes.
You place me 'on point' to be aware, its up to me to discern what is actual danger or what I can change.

I have a friend in Idaho who I spoke with about a potential serial killer. The next day the radio announced he was captured
and that danger has been quarantined. Thank you for the heads up. You are awesome indeed.
I really like the different perspectives and viewpoints. Excellent reading! Keep up the great work everyone!

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