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"The 7 Messengers"
This thread is dedicated for discussing CharlieG's recent dream.

He's warned that 7 people are coming to warn us about how we're treating Earth. Is anyone else experiencing this theme? Are visitors already here or are they coming? OR are we simply on our own? This one seemed like a particularly important dream...
#2 (Edna)
Reference Charlie's dream where he says, "Putin shot," I think I just found the smoking gun headline before the event goes down. Looks as though Putin is not very liked by the Soros and gang, the war creationists. Therefore, will a Putin-related event happen in order to get the big war started?

Or is Putin-Soros-Obama all on the same team and we're simply seeing the Hollywood version of a potential war? Hmmmm...
Well, Putin took a shot at the G7...more so the US.

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