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DF TEAM: Nov 2014 Possible Headlines
These memes and possible headlines were created by the NDC DreamForecasters and based on incubated dreams from our P1 team with support from overlapping linguistics from our recent DreamBot runs. Please note that with more P1 dreamers and more DFs on the team, more world headlines could be developed. What follows are simply the highest priority headlines ranked by probability, quality support, and linguistics confirmations. We have just 4 key areas that match all those requirements:  Economic, terrorism, natural disaster, and war escalation/movement. Also note that once P2 comes on line, more positive headlines will also be included.

If you would like to help us develop a more thorough headline list from the dream content and linguistic runs, please notify any one of the NDC staff immediately. You will receive free training and full support. Thank you.

Possible headlines for November 2014 (Primary location: United States)....


- 2014 Holiday Season slumps across the US; markets bracing for low Black Friday retail numbers
- Black Friday in-store food riots escalate amid increasing food prices

Linguistics: "Black days start; still much feel coming" & (Oct 18 Bot) "summary hungry fri (Friday) epic damn worst"
Dreams: (sherriann) (car crashed through a red barn) (Rae) (children weaving cardboard matts for homeless)
Other recent dreams; trending- (rebeccaS) (people living in park by river) (Iris) (people living underground) (cortana) (people living in cavern disposing of toxic waste)

- Terrorists caught scoping out water treatment plant near Key Largo
- Water plant near Key Largo under terrorist watch

"Black Days Start"
"Through two water work take building maybe hear men"

Dreams: (sherriann) (the military surround a water treatment plant where there are two terrorists) (Roark) (people are frozen in shock at something they see on tv) (sherriann) (a list of things terrorists can do seen written on paper)

- West Hills, Louisiana - Earth shift traps child on car roof
- West Hills, Louisiana - Swimmer rescues child trapped on sinking car roof

Linguistics: "Perhaps child roof swim storm west hills"

Dream: (kimspirit) (collapse/significant earth movement with LA location)

- War tension escalates as people note increased troop movement in US
- Increase in military drills sparks nervousness in the US
- Boots on the ground...US military participates in roadblocks, checkpoints, quarantine areas (most notable is Southern CA)

- Linguistics: "Project larger daily auto unusual California boot November" (specifically, "CA boot Nov")

- Dreams:
(BlueDream) (fighting in the US, out West, "Boot" significant)
(Iris) (Witnesses fighting in an autumn warm place that is losing leaves, rolling hills, sees asian faces)
(MTB) (NRA mentioned, shopping for guns)

Nip and Tuck with the headlines....
U.S. services sector activity growth slows in October: Markit
U.S. consumer confidence jumps in October
U.S. business spending weakens despite upbeat sentiment
Natural Disaster

Wrong place...a woman rescued
Military Presence/War Escalation

North Valley Military Institute readies kids for college with discipline
We're going to get the location wrong on the military, boots on the ground...

Ref: Ferguson riot prep. This is exactly what was doubt about it. Well, okay, maybe some doubt, especially if Bundfest springs to life all of sudden in the CA/NV desert.

Great job on these headlines, Sherriann (AGAIN!!)
Okay, National Guard deployed in a second state this month:

Boots on the ground is manifesting in a bigger area that I imagined, and even the opposite coastline than predicted. Will we see So Cali by the end of Nov?
A big hit on "Boots on the Ground"....

In a Shift, Obama Extends U.S. Role in Afghan Combat


"THINNER-THAN-USUAL crowds seen lining up outside chain stores after many US retailers looked to Thanksgiving to begin enticing shoppers, turning the customary kick-off to the holiday shopping season into a two-day affair"

In the UK - Black Friday mayhem: Police called to dozens of supermarkets as shoppers fight over bargains in hunt for Christmas deals
Never mind the lack of crowds on Black Friday, the terrible weather in much of the US, and the Ferguson-style protesting going on now INSIDE the stores....nothing can stop the stock market from going up up UP! Yeah, the economy is just doing so good (rolling my eyes....)
Holiday Spending Season Begins With Decline At Brick-And-Mortar Outlets Offset By Jump In Online Purchases
Just found this...

- Increase in military drills sparks nervousness in the US

Dahr Jamail | Navy Plans Electromagnetic War Games Over National Park and Forest in Washington State
11% decline
Okay, now THAT is absolutely TERRIBLE economic news, but guess what, even this will spark a rally again tomorrow Smile

When are the charades going to end? What a joke!
Miami Area Nuclear Plant In Partial Shutdown After Steam Leak

This most certainly didn't make mainstream news but appears to be the only Florida event similar to the 'Terrorism' prediction for November. Does it count? Only partially... It was an event involving water (steam) at a pseudo 'water treatment' facility in Florida. An event such as this could certainly invoke terror and guards were probably 'on guard'. Perhaps the 'owners' of the facility themselves are the terrorists due to their lack of due consideration of the problems involved. Timing: there was a December 1 update so the problem probably occurred on November 30.

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