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10/28/14 Unprecedented: Spaceship Earth + Food both memes skyrocket!
**Alert** this is so cool, lol. This is the Number one most viewed Dreambot Run of the whole website!
Is the cool title of this run the reason it's the most-read?
There's a reason Nanny pulled this thread to the forefront again: It isn't over yet.

Yes, there were hits at the time, but now it's relevant again.

Watch the sky.
Gal, very glad that you are posting. You're really busy and led somewhere, is what I got from your last posting(s?). How are you? We're both in limbo? moving but we don't know where, or has been true for us both.

Blessings, you and yours.
I'm here and there these days. I read when I can to keep abreast of what the bot is seeing. Didn't plan to post but as I read through this thread I kept hearing that this run wasn't complete, that there was more to unfold, particularly in the words pertaining to space.

It came to your attention for a reason, as it came to mine for a reason. Each according to their gifts and abilities. Each has a role to play in what is to come.

Nope, no real idea where I'll end up when the dust settles. But I knew when I accepted my calling that my life was no longer my own. Makes life interesting, that's for sure.
You nailed it about your/our "calling." When we follow that inner-leading it is okay. I remind myself of this when I find myself falling for the tempation to worry, being lost in thought. I know better but of course fall to it.

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