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Just randomness...
You know how sometimes a dream looks like it means absolutely nothing... yet it keeps yelling in your head and won't get quiet? Ugh... that is this one...

If any of our talented interpreters would be so kind as to take a stab at it, I could maybe shake it off and fill my head with other things. LOL!!!
A yellow umbrella is used as an advertising logo for "How I Met Your Mother" with the quote "Right Place, Right Time".
Stock also means items for sell or purchase, farm animals and talents.
Did your father/former boss teach you some special skill? Do you have a skill that you think is not of value? Do you speak dialects from those countries mentioned?
I think it is saying:
I know you and I know what you can do. Now we just have to get you to the right place at the right time and your skill will be recognized and your situation will improve.
Try this:
1) write down every single thing you have ever learned to do (I did this and I included every thing from taking care of children, hanging Sheetrock, wall papering, playing some sports, arranging a banquet, writing poems, working on cars, being a bartender and selling merchandise as well as classes I took in school. It took 4 pages)
2) what did you like the most?
3) how can you use it to become a valuable employee or to work for your self ?
4) who does what you do and where are they?

not all payments come from money. I once was paid in books for reading manuscripts and was told that that is a real job in publishing. I just did it for the books because I like books and I did not want a job but it is a way into a career.
My volunteer summer job in high school in an office led to a job in an Hotel as a desk clerk.
I get bored really quickly and my job has to be fun for me. In 20 years I had 10 different types of employment in 20 different places. I usually stayed 1 year with each. My last and current employment has lasted 15 years because I work for myself.
The best investment is using your skills and talents. They can't outsource your mind.
Thank you so much... you guys rock. :-) You've given me a lot to think about. The news stories are a bit over my head, I haven't the vaguest notion about what any of the "stocks talk" means but there are points that gave me a second look. Bear... my guide and protector is a bear... an old sow black bear. Not really the same context as the article but still... the little things count. "Dead Presidents" took me a minute to understand but then that made a lot of sense.
Stocks-stalks... wow, I hadn't thought of that. It's very interesting and hits a note because seeing-preparing-planting-harvesting-walking in maize commonly occurs in my dreams.

"How I Met Your Mother"... at first I didn't know what that meant then remembered it is a television show... I think? I haven't seen it but I could have easily saw some bit without noticing. The yellow umbrella with that caption could certainly have been imprinted in my mind at some time if I passed by it going through channels. Interesting.

What you said about listing the stuff I've learned to do would be a worthy, focusing task and it would certainly do me some real good. Thank you so much for that. It could take awhile and would really test my memory... the thing I love most to do in life is learn to do things. It consumes me and has actually been a problem. I do something, learn something and on to the next thing. I've never grown really proficient at one thing because there is always something more I want to try or learn. I spent 20 years this last job and I became *insanely* bored with it, but once the job ended, I found I missed it and appreciated how much they worked around my numerous "quirks", my OCD and brain glitches... and needless to say, I'm not finding another job I can deal well with or more to the point, deals well with me. LOL! Thank you for helping me see I need to re-examine possibilities. At nearly 60 I'm not in the least bit interested in a new "career" but alas, we gotta eat.
Yes, I have to agree, my "riches" aren't in cash and my downfall has often been taking payment that *isn't* cash for jobs I've done. I am usually very happy with non-monetary payment, at least until the light bill comes due.

Thank you both SO much, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help and how valuable it has been to me.
Sometimes the answer is simpler than we think. I have had aggravating 'working dreams' a lot in the past 10 years or so. I have come to understand it is a reflection of my present life path. It is my mind telling me I am stuck in a daily rut and what I am doing is returning me the same results over and over. I have come to look at dreams as a magic mirror that is telling our conscious side what we are doing in life, be it right or wrong. So I would say it is your higher mind telling you to break the mold and revamp your entire work/life strategy. My dreams typically consist of me at the job site, I am a working man in real life; trying to get something done, trying to get decent employees on the job, trying to please the customer. They all end inconclusive. It is like working at night, then I go to work during the day. A buddy of mine applied a Tony Robbins course, has been thru three to four professional jobs in four years, is now happy in Alaska, and he has dreams he is flying. He is 'on his game' I would say.
Here is something I just found that can help break an outdated mindset. Sometimes we have to return to basics, start over, and re invent ourselves as this book says. I am doing at 47 and it is getting old, but I may have a job in January.
The Serenity Principle

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