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11/16/14 Red Alert: Desserts are delicious! + Guns bear
Our first seemingly positive red alert!

This appears to be some big-time holiday cheer poking through well before the holidays. “Pie” is right up there with the previous days' high-chargers. This is Red Alert material because of all the support it receives. Honestly, I can’t imagine a headline for this because mainstream news is 95% negative. But the meme is clear, explosive, and coherent. Thus, something dessert-related is coming, and it does not appear to be negative related.

Yes, we do need to consider that this might be PRE-day residue for the holidays, but it has me asking the question yet again, which is: Can day residue surge to really high levels like this? I just don't think so, except that this is quite a big holiday coming up. We haven't been through a holiday yet with DreamBot4, so this might be giving us a time marker...a free snippet of how long it takes between surge and manifestation. Point well taken: this one is exactly 11 days prior to T-giving. If nothing else, this run is making me HUNGRY!

But that’s just the beginning here, because this run has tons to talk about. More positivity: “Horrible honestly unnecessary.” It's cautioning us to see the positive side of things just as much as negative. Did we go overboard on Hawaii?

Group 2 seems to be mentioning the odd emotional affect that high schoolers face, especially lately. This isn’t negativity, just facts.

These little events help confirm that I have the right (or close to the right) assembly happening on these daily runs. “Guns Bear”….what are the chances that these two would be laid side by side out of 10K+ words? Not a chance that this was chance, and this may start a small bite of negativity. Guns bear frustrated, but when? Well, look at group 3: “Sun hearing slept void.” Our celestial clock is normally very accurate when it comes to spelling out when things will happen, and so if I have this correct, it appears that guns MIGHT bear frustrated when the sun sleeps. Incidentally, the sun "sleep's every year after the winter solstice… of Dec 21. The sun “Sleeps” for 3 days and then is reborn on the 25th. So, will the frustrated Clive Bundy be bearing guns on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of December? Or perhaps the Ferfuson fuse finally gets lit. Time will tell.


Plain text for searchability:
Its also hunting season. Lots of guns going off- legally.
I've had to block them out of my residue, which is not easy.
Guns are beginning to invade and INFLUENCE my dream state while I SLEPT I was HEARING the GUNS go off down at the lake, which makes me FRUSTRATED especially now that I am actively
getting good long juicy dreams again.
With much effort and focus my dry spell -VOID is over.
Also a news story this morning about the AFFECT of hunting wolves to control population actually has the reverse effect. Wolves mate more due to high stress levels when hunted. Wolves aren't BEARS but I wouldn't want to run into either one of them out in the woods and perhaps get EATEN.
The Bear (Mother Russia) is frustrated from the past G20 meeting...and is reading their Guns...
This is a good possibility. Putin was insulted, leaving early, and at this, a time when he's been flexing Russia's military might in so many faces, ours for sure.

(11-17-2014, 10:30 PM)siyotanka Wrote: The Bear (Mother Russia) is frustrated from the past G20 meeting...and is reading their Guns...
Siyotanka makes a good point.
frustrated sun hearing slept void

I saw a picture of the sun on the web for November 17 and there was only one tiny sunspot.

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