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How should I post multiple dreams per night?
When I have multiple dreams in one night, should I upload them to the database as one dream, or as separate dreams?

This is a problem I've struggled with in my own private database as well. On one hand, each dream is different and if one of the dreams comes true, we would want traceability to that specific dream. On the other hand, sometimes dreams flow together and content in the second dream could build on or otherwise be related to the first dream.
I think there are three cases which can be identified:
  1. Dreams which are clearly separate and unrelated, but which occured during the same period of sleep. My dreams last night are a great example of this. Perhaps I should've uploaded them separately.
  2. Dreams which are clearly separate and related, and which occurred during the same period of sleep. I do not have an example of this, but perhaps you are stealing a car in your first dream, and you sell it to a particular man. Then in your second dream, you are someone else working at a store and this man drives up in the same red car and you assist him. I would say these two dreams should be documented together.
  3. Dreams which are separate and related, but which did not occur during the same period of sleep. In my example, I was only awake for a matter of minutes. But perhaps you are awake for an hour, or four hours, or eighteen hours... where do you draw the line? In my case I felt it made the most sense to document them together.
What do you guys think?
Thanks for the question, blueDream, and sorry it's taken so long to get back to you. For some reason, your message was buried underneath a ton of other ones and I just missed it.

I think the best answer is that it depends. Certainly if the dreams are short and similar, go ahead and put them in the same input. Also, if you are incubating for a P1 mission, then you'll most likely put the multiple dreams inside the same input as well because the intention was all the same.

For really long dreams or dreams that are both unique and both extremely poignant/meaningful, then separate them out.

Submit just one dream input if the dreams are (in general):
- really short
- fairly or strikingly similar
- have the same intention
- related
- Note: they must Have been on the same night (or main sleep schedule)

Separate dream inputs (in general):
- really long dreams
- really different
- super meaningful and/or vivid
- definitely point to strikingly different events

How's this sound? Anything I missed? It was a fantastic question.
Yes, that sounds good. I didn't think about grouping dreams with the same intention, that is a good connection.

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